Saturday, December 26, 2009

Harvey Shot Again

Harvey and I bond whenever there's a chance. In fact, I spoil him.

And before I actually embark on my travel escapades, I always find time to say goodbye to Harvey. I'd tell him to be good and that I'll miss him so much. I'd share stories of the things we'd do if he would be able to come along. Basically, I tell him things he wouldn't understand, which makes me the crazy one.

Last night when I got home from poker, I found Harvey in the kitchen waiting for me like a dutiful pet. Ate Ne, his nanay-nanayan and our maid, left for some slumber party so Harvey was all alone in a cold Christmas night. As a treat, I opened Ate Ne's room, Harvey's favorite refuge, and he immediately jumped on the bed, searched for his favorite pillow and cutely slept. Ate Ne would surely undestand. So, I tucked him and watched him sleep. This sucker finds ways to break my heart.

Also, before I'd leave I would ask someone to take a picture of us. This ritual photo is an exaggeration of course. I'd be back in Manila tomorrow anyways as if I'd be gone for days. I left Mitch a message to visit Harvey for me, but I doubt if he'd seriously do that.

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