Thursday, September 20, 2007

Into the Zone Again

3:04 am. It's late yet I am still here creating clicking orchestra from the soon-to-be beaten keyboard given to me by my tech-donor. I realized I was in the so-called mono-zone again. How many hours have I spent here in front of the computer, ignoring the soreness of my back and necessity of sleep? Far too long that my mind went into a whimsy monotonous motion in which my soul interjected a modulating conviction for me to stop. Hence, I go to my refuge, which is to write and start a new life in this site. Denying slavery from technology, I started late and just realized how spontaneous and encouraging blogs are. In the words of Stewie Griffin, "Blast!" "Damn." It is my fault. Therefore, in the future I shall redeem myself and create random thoughts of relative sensibility. World Expression, positive domination next, but for now, I surrender myself to sleep.

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