Monday, October 1, 2007


Cuisine: Desserts
Location:Banilad Town Center, Uptown Cebu City
Thou shalt not put God's name in vain.
Thou shalt not swear.
and....thou shalt not get...FAT..

But I'm guilty! I'm freakingly obviously hands-up Guilty!

I started saying from "Oh My god". "Sweet heaven on earth"...and "shit" the moment I enter the very classy, cozy-lit and very inviting Establishment. The cafe has wood and gold interiors with all different types of sophisticated loaves of bread of different kinds, neatly arranged. At the counter, the wonderfully adorned and tempting cakes are gloriously presented.

The space is so inviting for quiet meetings and friend get-togethers. The smell of brewed coffee envelopes the air, but the smell is crisp, classic and very inviting. Senses are put to overdrive like when you smell coffee, when you see numerous loaves, cakes and pastries before you, and the wonderful sense of calmness that the place brings. If I were to group this with its contemporaries, I believe Postrio can be compared Bizu's existence.

As I walked and enjoyed the classy interior and tempting 'sights,' I committed my first sin...

As I chose my afternoon delight, my decision making skills were again put into extreme test. I entered into a trance and suffer from optional paralysis. (THis always happens everytime I go here) Normally I already have something in mind.. I rephrase..I always have something in mind, but it's still hard to decide when you're 'at the moment when thousand desserts seem to talk.'

Finally after roughly 10 minutes, I've made my decision. I got a coffee and my favorite..Banana Crumble Cake...(Banana! Again?!) As I sip and burn my tongue and savor the first bite of Banana Crumble..I start to swear. This is by far the BEST Banana CAKE and most INVENTIVE Banana Cake I've ever tried next to Coffee Bean's Banana Cream Pie. If there's one out there that would test this Banana Crumble Cake of Postrio, I'd have yet to try it.

So I left Postrio again super satisfied, in a glaze and very very impressed.

I liked it even better than Bizu to be honest. Postrio's desserts are not pretentious and speaks to dessert lovers more. Some desserts might not be new to anyone, but definitely it would climb at the top of their lists. Top of all Tiramisus, Top of all those cheesecakes, Top of all concorde cakes, chocolate cakes, strawberry shortcakes and whatever pastry or dessert invention they have..oh...and the best BANANA cake ever! (I think I've mentioned it already). They innovate desserts without sacrificing the taste. It's well thought off and it's well made.

The desserts are excellent! They come in big sizes and servings. The cheesecakes or cakes are moist and supremely creamy, but not overly sickenly sweet like what other desserts suffer from. The sweetness is just perfect and they have the knack of identifying or introducing the core flavors like blueberry, chocolate, strawberry, coffee and banana to their respective desserts. They have a great, soft, creamy texture. You can sense from every bite that the ingredients they used are expensive, top notch and all of which are flawlessly mixed and baked.

(MUST TRYs: The blueberry cheesecake, reinvented (with shaved pristine nuts, which I painstakingly took out just to be able to taste it) It's creamy, rich, moist, comforting and delightful)
Try their Chocolate and Concord cakes designed in such a very intriguing and very creative way. It's not too sweet, but you get to enjoy real moist chocolate of distinctive exotic taste and combinations.
TIRAMISU, great treat for coffee lovers. It's not that bitter, and it's very inventive.
BANANA CRUMBLE (My favorite), which is creamy, almost a cross between cheesecake and normal cake, with intense and natural banana flavor, not too sweet and has a crumbly crust on top.
Their loaves and bread of course! Brownies, custard pies and cakes! Oh my goodness!!!

PRICE: The image of Posterio is very classy, like what you'd find in hotels and can easily give Bizu or other classy cafe and dessert shops a run for their money. Looking at the well presented and extremely yummy desserts, you might assume that the prices are intensely high.

But glad to tell you that the prices are very reasonable and relatively cheap!
The coffee menu doesn't go beyond 100 and they come in MUGS! Not cup...but MUGS, and the coffee is piping hot and has a classic taste.

The Banana Crumble cake is PHP 18 pesos (Can you imagine?) The cake has the almost the same size of Nokia's E61, the cake's taste is original and it's very very delicious..and the best part of it is, it's only for PHP 18, together with the custard pie, the pineapple mini pie etc.

The major desserts or cakes that obviously take time and intense effort to make because of the size and taste, heavenly range from 90-120 PHP, not so freakingly bad, especially once you've tried it. Every cent is worth it, and not to mention comparable or if not...far encompasses the desserts you see in major coffee shops or dessert stations.

The breads and loaves have the same price as with other loaves and bread in the market, but their packaging and looks of it are more sophisticated and fresh, and the taste only justifies and exceeds the whole look.

SERVICE: The servers are very presentable, classy with an all-black look and they serve desserts at your table fast. They automatically even bring you Equal when you order for coffee (no questions asked).

I've said so many things already and I've done so many sinful stuff while I visit Postrio. I tell you it's worth the stop. For those who are planning to go to Cebu, it really wouldn't hurt to visit Postrio and buy dessert to take home to Manila.

I even wonder the time comes wherein they expand to their Manila Clientele because according a manager on their BTC store, they've been receiving personal orders from Manila clients. I firmly believe that having it here would open people up to a new gatro experience that is affordable, sophisticated, unpretentious and innovative.

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migis said...

I tried their chocolate cake and instantly fell inlove with it. I loved the way it melted in my mouth. Classic.