Saturday, October 27, 2007

Halloween Break

Yes it's Halloween Break and it's hot.

This is supposed to be a cool season, but right now it's damn humid.

I'm sure businessmen, except for those in the tourism industry, are battling their eyebrows because of this long no-work week. You see, we've got elections on Monday and All Saints' and Souls' day on Thursday and Friday. So practically we only have 2 days to pretend to be on a work mode.

Anyways to maximize my long weekend I started it off with brunch with my dear friend Tim. As usual meeting with this guy is like a trip to a mind stimulating station. Lots of discoveries and realizations were discussed that may never into this blog. So we decided to meet MCS, wherein anyone could fish for old, rare, new and amazingly wide titles of pirated DVD's. Paranoia struck me at first, but it's okay I was with a soon-to-be-lawyer at my defense anyway (Snicker). That place is like a paradise to some of us who like to watch as many movies as we can without hurting our budget. IN a long break such as this, it's a perfect reason for anyone to go on a movie marathon, but we'd seriously recommend that you prepare a comprehensive list already so as not to get distracted or too overwhelmed with the selection, or else your marathon would be spent choosing or looking and buying something that you'd regret at the end.

After the dust crept into my skin and the impending threat of my Urticaria, we decided to leave and have lunch. We've always relied on Green Belt. Rockwell is off limits, because of Tim's place saturation.

Everything went systematic. We chose the Italian cuisine just because Tim says it makes him feel....clean. Whatever. I'm going to leave the explanation to him. So we went to Carpaccio's on Greenbelt 3.

As we went inside, we realized we were on equal footing cause we haven't eaten there yet. Well the ambiance was nice, even cozy in an early afternoon.The lighting was soft and dim, but not dull. The shades of brown start to envelope you; and I was specifically smitten on the restaurant's chairs. It's clean, simple and modern-minimalist. The chair's color reminds me of a smooth puffy milk chocolate.

As we ordered a recommended seafood pasta and their Carpaccio's pizza, we started talking about his recent trip to Singapore. As usual, we focused on the food topic first and compared it to the Philippine cuisine. Singaporean food, aside from the spice, is more leaning on fusion. Filipino food for him is stronger in taste. There's more distinct taste of it that provides the unique kick. He was kind of amazed of the varieties and strength of the Philippine Panlasa, that we think was greatly influenced by locals, and not influenced by any other nation. Flavors like Sinigang, Adobo, Kare-Kare are so rare, strong and very unpretentious. Just like what I learned in AIM Filipinos are in general great cooks, and they rely on enticing you through smell. Whereas for Japan, they entice you through the visuals and the art. *Panglasang Pinoy (langhap sarap)

As we being to talk we begin to smell this very pinching seafood orchestra. The scent has a life of its own it's like literally trying to pinch you. There's a distinct smell of garlic, spices, tomato sauce and combination of seafoods combined. It was heaven and enough to get us distracted.

The dishes were served in an instant, and we immediately relished it. I tasted the Seafood Pasta (their bestseller) and it was heaven. The amazing part is, the actual taste reminds you of the great scent we smelled earlier. The smell is transformed into a tasting experience. The pizza meanwhile has a sweetness to it, probably because of the peppers, but it was all together fun.

The place is kind of pricey though, but the servings are already adequate. The regular sized pasta (good for 1-2) is at 310 and the pizza is at around 400+. Then the inevitable happens. You have to add the service charge and the tax. But it was definitely worth what you paid for.

After the hearty, cleansing Italian Meal, we headed to get gelatto. After a painstaking moment, I chose the white milk and chocolate chip as Tim chose the chocolate cookie one. For one scoop on a cone, it's a hundred bucks..but hey the excuse's gelatto. It's supposed to be light and exquisite given the process of making it, which is much healthier than your normal ice cream. After that we had the normal discussion on the Goats vs. Cows milk thing, which for the benefit of you, yes you reader, I dare not disclose.

It was around 3:30 when I left, and I got a call from Mitch on the road. Since I was to spend the rest of the afternoon alone because he was still at Fort working, I decided to step on my gas and do the inevitable... CUT MY HAIR.

Gosh, it's been a year and 4 months since I visited the parlor. Abnormal, I tell you. I'm not sentimental about anything. I do not get attached to my hair, but I just dread the process of cutting and blow drying. It really makes me cringe. It's like going to the dentist, but instead of the freaking drill, it's the blow dryer. Abnormal, I tell you again.

But I knew I had to do it after lots of urging from friends and family. My hair already looked loopy and reminiscent of dead. I just decided to make it shorter, like the Cleopatra type. The important thing is, the length would still allow me to tie it up.

So after the excruciating parlor experience, I felt the heat of the dryer enveloping my face and the little bits of hair stuck on my neck, I decided to rush home and prepare for Tracy's birthday party, which falls on a liquor ban night. As if I care, really.

I went there with Mitch and Anton and spent time with Sun Valley people; and most especially with my dearest batchmates (Specifically 3R) from St. Scho! I just realized I really miss them! We've grown so much, but we still enjoy the same humor, the same wavelength, the same company. The feeling was exhilirating and seeing them made me miss them more! To the soon to be brilliant wife Jaime B., to the fun loving and crazy Kat Colobski and to the hilarious Miss Queen Perez, cheers to you guys for marking my Halloween Break with double fun.

So, after enjoying a relatively "liquor ban night," at 2:30 am I arrived home nestled with fond memories of a productive day. I got my ipod and watched Stewie to sleep as I slowly drifted on a very happy and solemn dream.

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