Monday, November 5, 2007

Halloween Break ends

After 4 straight days of unwinding, eating, sleeping, the much-awaited Halloween Break is over. It's November 5th, a Monday, one of the hardest Mondays probably one has to face from a very long and seasonal break.

There is something very unfortunate when you start work on a Monday, it's the day right after Sunday and Monday is the mother of all stress work week. The atmosphere could've been different if it was on Tuesday or Wednesday, but Monday has this added strong character of impressing you with longer worker week and a dive for your pending cases or issues.

As usual, I came here as early as 7:30 and knew that my system needs a pick-me-up, so I grabbed my wallet and went to Starbucks in our building for a quick "happy good morning" pick me up. As I headed downstairs I realized that the end of 2007 is nearing. We are soon to face another year of endless possibilities, good or bad. Suddenly, I begin to reassess what happened to me for this year, and I have to admit that it wasn't really that smashing compared to my 2006. This year has been a mixture of hopes, failures and uncertainty, but so far this year marks my most spontaneous, nerve wracking, depression prone year ever.

If you ask me if I'm happy to leave 2007, the answer would be yes and no (As my friend Tim would put it). I'm happy to leave it because I want to start all over again, probably I see this year unfortunate, but a great lesson nevertheless which I have to experience in my prime years. Probably this year had a reason in my life and wherever I am now, might be planned for greater things. I am happy to leave the heartaches and happy to start anew. The no part accounts for a heavy sigh that I need to exhale for being able to brave through this tumultuous year, that if given a chance to rearrange it I'd give it another shot, but we all know that it's not possible. Knowing that I'm a fighter and still standing at that, I'd like to give 2007 a challenge, but I guess I have to take my revenge on 2008.

Till then, as I enjoy my coffee and banana loaf, I am still aware that I am blessed with lots of things. I have a job to fend off my expenses. I have added knowledge from what I've acquired in a short but intensive stint in graduate school. I have a dysfunctional family that's still with me, although they have a funny and irritating way of showing it. I have friends whom I can rant or rave with, share stories with and bond with. I have Mitch who somehow who is there to cushion me on my bad days while loving me unconditionally. I have my sanity, interests and great room for finding passion. I am living. I am breathing and I am causing no one any problems. All in all, I am still lucky to be alive and ready to say goodbye to 2007...happily at that.

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