Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Having a previous BLOG post about SIMS, it's pretty unfair to not give credit to the maker and the detailed game background.

I applaud the genius and creative ingenuity of the game Designer Will Wright, and later on published by Maxis and distributed by EA Games (Electronic Arts). It was first released on February 4 of 2000 which sold 16 million copies, making it the Best Selling PC game in history. Including expansion packs, the franchise has sold over 70 millions units worldwide as of Jan 2007. (www.wikipedia.com

SIMS is not merely just a plane doll house game, it's a life-simulation game that involves strategy and creativeness. I wonder, if this is being used scientifically, you know dealing with patients who are psychotic or who are psychologically traumatized? I think this could be pretty useful for the analysts or doctors. Come to think of it, it's a role playing situation the patient can exhibit using SIMS.

Anyway for more information, I suggest you visit SIMS' Official site: "PLUGGING HERE" hehe


Enjoy, and please buy original CD's otherwise the graphics would be blotchy.


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