Tuesday, November 6, 2007

30 days of Night Wuss: That's me part 1

We had a very long Halloween break last week and that equally translates to people deserting the metropolis and heading out to their hometowns to commemorate the memories of their dead loved ones. Whereas for me, that means more time to sleep, to eat and to unwind.

Our family, hailing from Cebu and Roxas, never get to 'normally' spend Halloween like others do. Our dead relatives are in Cebu and Roxas and usually we just result to cooking more food that we can consume, displaying it for the souls as justification. (Logic? Don't ask) It's been like that ever since I could remember and the entree's never fail. (Crispy Pata, paella, roasted chicken and Bico) Halloween in our place, minus the trick and treats is a feast and a party!

Anyways, it was November 1st and I was subtly celebrating my anniversary with Mitch on that day, despite the fact we already did celebrate it last night. He was with his family and I was at home itching to watch a good movie. It dawned on me that there's a new list of titles to watch in cinemas, and I've always wanted to watch the movie 30 days of night ever since my good friend Tim and I talked about it.

I googled and researched the schedule in greenbelt and soon everything materialized.

You see, the thing about horror movies for me, is that unlike drama or any other film, horror films seem to allow their audience to make high expectations. Unlike Drama wherein you just have to rely on the how good the characters tell the story, horror or suspense movies rely heavily on material executions, visuals, audio and the whole production. In terms of enticing an emotion, I think the movies depicting fright and comic are hard ones to boot, but unlike comedy, horror movies also rely heavily on settings and effects.

That is mainly why I feel horror movies are the top stressful, yet fun movies to make. And that is also the reason why I do rate them in high regard. It also doesn't help to know that I love horror movies, the more the movie makes my heart race, the more satisfied and the more excited I become. And yes I was a victim of countless horror movies that are created to depict senseless gore. I do not care much about the blood and flesh. I care about the psychological part the horror movies do tweak.

Hence, I called up my friend Tim and asked him his plans for that day, silently hoping he had none. Hearing from his voice, he was actually bored, so I told him to meet me in Greenbelt for a 30 days of night experience, and he greatly obliged. So I prepared and grabbed my cousin and sister for the ride on this movie feast on November 1st.

When we arrived at Greenbelt, the place already resembled of a ghost mall. You can feel the mall's current weakness when mallrats are evidently somewhere else. We purchased the ticket, chose our seats and headed for the theater, as my expectations start to shoot up.

We were the first to get inside the theater and the effect of emptiness amidst the darkness was kind of spooky. My cousin was spooked as I was excited. We took the middle seats and wondered if any people would come in. I texted Mitch and told him of our current situation and he laughed and told me "goodluck" hardly the things to say when watching a horror movie. Hehe

So the movie started with barely 20 people in a big cinema, (20 people) who've got nothing to do on this November 1st...

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