Friday, October 12, 2007

Long Weekend 1: Craving for Meatballs

Funny that I am only allowed to eat Meat for the past few weeks, that I would actually have the sanity to crave for meat like I haven't packed half of my system with it already.

Although I did not just crave on any particular meat, but I craved for authentic MEATBALLS. But first let me redefine the word 'crave' on a personal perspective.

When I say "I crave", it is an occurrence which actually has the power to dictate my plans for the day. It also has the power to set my mood and my ability to repel unnecessary moments that has to happen in a man's life. If I crave for something and I do not get it within a certain time, I get cranky. In short, I result to being primitively irrational. (Now craving sounds like a bad thing for me, right?)

Another thing about 'craving' is when I would release that word, expect to squeeze out every meaning it stands out for. It's the whole production ladies and gentlemen! It's like a constant churning of my stomach mixed with the psychological impulses that drives a man insane. By craving, the initial taste of that particular product is already programmed in my tastebuds, in my senses. The preliminary food tasting already sets in, therefore, sometimes the mind would immediately seek for physical representation.

I was on my way home with Mitch on Wednesday night when the craving for MEATBALLS kicked in. Due to unfortunate events, we had to go home and I had to endure literally endure craving for it overnight. But the assurance that he'd find a way to block off his Thursday night for a Meatball feast is enough for me to hold on and get excited.

Hence the following morning at work, in between work actually, I had to research on where to have a perfect MEATBALL experience. At this rate, I cannot afford to experiment thus singling out Italiannis and Di Marks at Greenbelt as main choices.

On my way to Greenbelt after office, I was transformed into a kid eager to eat MEATBALLS. I immediately found a parking space amidst all the chaos of last work day syndrome! I got a call from my boyfriend and we both decided to meet at Italiannis! Meatballs here I come.:)

When I arrived there he wasn't really sure if I was excited to see him or excited to eat meatballs, but I'm sure that it's a mixture of both...of course!

Need I say the meatballs were huge and the italian flavored tomato sauce embraced it in every area. My mind was racing because it would now reconcile the physical and mental aspects of the meatball. The first bite was heaven, compact premium herbed meat really made my eyes shut and it all went well from there.

Adding to the meatball dish, we ordered for Salmon PIzza and we paid a good price for it. Literally, I could have consumed the whole meatball dish. After we got the check, Mitch told me that "You certainly get what you pay for." Italianni's didn't let me down. The meatballs were exquisite. You can taste the herbs and the fresh meat, influenced by Italian Tomato flavor. Like a soothing balm, my cravings already subsided, hence the satisfaction sinks in.

A good start for the long weekend ahead! Now I wonder what my next craving would be, i'm sure it's going to be a great blog post!

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