Monday, July 12, 2010

Dreams 101: I just overate

I had a dream last night. Predominantly I was in my village in sepia effects. The houses and streets are accurate and recognizable. Instead of our new house, in my dream, I still lived in my old house across the street. In the dream, my setting changes from my house to a busy international airport. Some pieces of the dream escape me, but I know for sure that I am assigned to go to Paris for work with two of my current colleagues. Upon the news, I shuffle back and forth to my house. It seemed that my colleagues were already given an envelop that contains our important documents. I saw a barcode on one of the documents while my colleague examines it. It seemed we're already in the crowded airport and they have packed bags with them. I excused myself and shuffled back to my house which is a hop from the airport. I got a suitcase, a black with purple lining. I opened my cabinet. Some of the clothes that I chose I recognize while some I know I don't have in real life. While packing, my bag kept on expanding as I went to search for more essentials. I randomly check my time. After that, there's a blur. There was a part that I booked a roundtrip ticket to Paris. Missed it only to find out in the airport that a popular Filipino travel agency will book a ticket for us. I wasn't worried about the added charge on my silver credit card. They told us to wait since they have lots of clients. Upon that knowledge, I went back to my village to pack more stuff. I found myself biking in reverse while I saw two familiar faces talking about me. I realized I was on backwards, but I was faster that way and stuck to it. I arrived at my house. In a few minutes my dad entered the front door asking me if he would bring me to the airport. I resoundingly said yes. While there, I received a call telling me that a ticket had been issued.

I woke up at 5:30 am with a bladder that was about to burst. I tried to sleep again, but I couldn't. Instead, I took my mini note and searched for the meaning of the major activities I did in my dream: pack, bike in reverse, fast constructive thinking, Paris?

Most I got from the internet is that for PACKING/SUITCASE: I'm preparing for a journey (professional, social and spiritial), I'm choosing or taking a major risk in my life. It might that I was prioritizing or extracting excess baggage in my life. RUNNING IN REVERSE means I'm doing an unpopular method in achieving things or running in denial or a constant struggle. Or fleeing something or someone in my life.

I do have dreams, but I won't remember it when I wake up. It starts to bother me if I remember vivid details after waking up or strong emotions are stirred within me. I usually get this when I was upset when I slept or if I overate the night before, which in this case is reason number 2. I've dreamt of bad things that happened to me, horrific things that I would not dare remember, happy and ecstatic things that I wish I would remember. I even dreamed of Ethan Hawke waiting for me in a white background with a red car. He looked exactly the same as Troy Dyer in the movie Reality Bites, but it's been years and things like that do not happen in real life. Let's see. But first, let me have breakfast.

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Say_lee said...

I don't know why it happens.. but my dreams too, often have my old house as a setting.. I have never dreamed of anything that exists in my new house..

Strange, isn't it?