Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Harvey's first Skype

I was on Skype with my mom and my sister yesterday and my mom told me how I have forgotten Harvey. She pointed out that I hardly ask her about how he's doing. Right. If she only knew.

I haven't forgotten him at all. I keep a picture of him on my temporary desk. I pray I don't see any dogs in sight. I also don't include him in conversations because I know I would be missing him more. But I'm not worried about him at all. I know he is well loved by my family and my boy is really smart. He knows his way around. He's tough and a smart alec. Nevertheless, I know the guys back home would take care of him and let him enjoy his life. Surprisingly even my father, who has no emotion or care for domestic pets, gives extra care to Harvey though he actually calls him Barbie. It's the actual thought and care that count anyways.

While I was on Skype with my sister I told her to put Harvey on. I wanted to see him. My unusually pliant sister got Harvey and made him face the webcam for his first Skype experience. While I kept on calling his name, his head moved everywhere searching for that voice. I hope he hasn't forgotten me.

I was chatting with my friend who just got back from the States and she told me how much her dog missed her after a month of absence. She understands how I feel, putting the dog on Skype and all. But I don't know if the Skype thing did me any good. I believe I miss him more than ever.

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