Sunday, July 11, 2010

Lazy Weekend at KY

Yesterday I stayed in my apartment. 80% of the time I was in my room. 10% I was in the living room to get a breath of fresh air. 10% I was in another apartment for late night dinner and some live chit chat.


Movies Watched yesterday:

1. Harry Potter Movies 1 to 4
2. Forces of Nature
3. 28 days
4. Final Destination 3
5. Truman Show

Internet Usage: (All done in the bed)

1. Blog
2. Facebook
3. Youtube
5. BPI expressonline

Meals (IN the dining and living rooms)

1. Breakfast: Bagel with cream cheese, ham and mustard, yogurt with fresh strawberries and chocolate milk
2. Brunch: Half of Cheetos and Orange juice
3. Late Lunch: Toast with cream cheese and chicken soup
4. Snacks: Iced Coffee and Twinkie
5. Dinner: Italian Spaghetti and cookies

Other Productive Activities:

1. Bath at 5 pm
2. Nail polish at 5:30


1. None.


1. Ideally at 5 pm, but nope. Not a single sweat in an airconditioned apartment.

I'm not proud of yesterday. I wasn't productive at all. I just ate and slept the entire day. But the guilty feeling is...I enjoyed it immensely. I deserve this day once in a while. I shouldn't be hard on myself. Laziness and voluntary house arrest moods come when you need it.

But yesterday is over. Today is a new day. I have a dinner invitation to go to, but before that I will do laundry, fix my room and get some clothes ironed to prepare for another week at work. Today is a promising day indeed.

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