Sunday, July 25, 2010

Getting my groove back

I know. I know. I haven't written here in such a long time. It seems like forever. But I haven't forgotten this blog at all. I just don't have the mood to write these days practically because there was no time and energy. Everything's fast forward here that you just want to rest when you get home and marvel at your bed. And my mind is on overdrive every single day and activities come and go on a weekend. Whenever I actually have an interest to write after a long day, the bed just kills it.

It's a different kind of stress here compared to the Philippines. In the Philippines there are more hours to do stuff. Here, hours aren't enough, seemingly. And in the Philippines I work, I do the shots and face the pressure I'm used to. Here, I undergo training which involves a lot of assessments, interactions and adjustments. Not exactly my cup of tea. 8 Full hours of training with tests can really put you in an unimaginable pressure cooker not to mention I have to do small talk all the time with people who are practically strangers. I feel awkward. But I'm fine. I'm coping and I'm still having fun whenever I can. Sadly, I just don't have the time to write.

When I'm at home, I cook dinner, do some cleaning and laundry which take up my time. By 9 Pm I'm pooped and I just go online to surf and watch entertaining stuff in youtube. For some people, that may be a perfect picture of a lonely life, but I think a part of me is built that way so I don't feel weird about it. As long as I'm in my bed with everything I need in my bedside table then I'm fine.

I'm loving my life here, but I know it's time to do some writing. I can't be consumed with comfort and silent pressure. I've got to get my groove back. I've been silent long enough.

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Say_lee said...

Glad that you are back!