Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Week 2 Reflections: Ohio-Kentucky

Work has been a bit of a stretch lately practically because we're pressured to learn a complex function (as fast and accurately as possible) and figure out how to fix documents and the actual migration. When I go home to our wonderful apartment, I hardly have any time to write, read news from home, and do something relaxing and productive. I usually result to extremes. It's either I do something labor intensive like laundry and washing the dishes or completely relax and get lost in my comforting bed doing nothing. Blogging in between is a treat and requires really good mood nowadays.

Lately I don't have anything to write except about work, which I would try not to do in this blog. I've had too much of work already in one day only to repeat it through blogging. I couldn't write about the news either. I hardly read news online since I got here. In fact, I feel detached from news of my home country except from a couple of Skype and Facebook chats with loved ones that constantly remind me that reality is waiting for me after three months of getting stuck in this comfortable routine.

My colleagues and I wondered how it was easy for us to adjust in one week just because we've prepared for the inevitable. We thought we would die of homesickness and curse the apartment we're in, but it's the opposite. The apartment is very comfortable, the place isn't a drastic difference back home and the people we interact with are really nice (most of them anyways). Positive outweighs the negative, which helps in the adjustment process. We feel we've been here for a month. We already know the various bus stops and activity schedules of the city. We have been to the grocery a couple of times and we know how to budget our expenses. I don't know if Filipinos are just too westernized to put too much effort in adjusting, or we are normally tough and adaptable people by nature. Whatever we Filipinos have, it works, which figures that we're globally dispersed.

Irregardless, stress is always a familiar face wherever country you're in. Work is still work no matter where the territory is. Right now I just need a full weekend to recover and get back to my writing activity. There are so much stories to tell and I've got a backlog of books I brought with me. I just need to find the right mood and energy...soon.

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