Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Hambugers and Archie Comics

I was craving for a specific hamburger hours ago. I realized this when I've nothing else to observe but the rumblings of my stomach, as I wait for my turn to be attended to at the bank. I coined the term specific because it's not just any other patty in the bun, but a plain McDonald's Hamburger. It's been so long since McDonald's, here in this country at least, have subtly eliminated their plain hamburger on the menu. It's not included in any other value meals that, I and majority of the public, have been accustomed to.

What is this specific fixation with the PLAIN McDonald's Hamburger? There is a reason why it was taken out by the McDonald Management in the first place. I don't know what that reason might be. It might be because it tastes raw and plain. You see, Filipinos have accustomed to incorporate so many other added flavorings in their meal like catsup, toyo, suka. Well, i don't. The taste of that raw and untainted meat is just perfect for me, specifically McDonald's flavored beef patty.

It took me some time to realize that McDonald's actually eliminated it from their menu, just like what they did with Strawberry Sundae. But if there's no harm in asking, so all one has to do is to ask for it and wait for at least 5 minutes to get it done. That's what I've been constantly doing for the past years, if I have time to spare. Otherwise, I'd go order Cheeseburger by default.

As my colleague gave me my McDonald Plain Hamburger request for lunch, I immediately googled and had my youtube directed to the Archie Cartoon series. And it's time to tell you a story about this loony habit of mine.

I love hamburgers. I'm not actually addicted to it, but I just appreciate it. And when/if I crave for it, I've already got selected few hamburgers in my list, but unfortunately Burger King's not one of them. I usually crave for the Plain McDonald's Hamburger, Carl's JR plain burger and Friday's American burger preferably without the cheese.

These specific hamburgers have already claimed a part in my neuro-memory, and usually it's automatically associated to Archie Comics. I've discovered this loony habit of mine one afternoon when we came home from Robinson's Galleria Mall. That afternoon was pretty traumatic for my parents for I was technically lost for at least 2 hours, and I was just around Grade 5 then. The whole mall search party was formed and my mother went hysterical as I can remember. But silly old me, I just remembered to go to Guard in the hope that I won't be swallowed by an imaginary myth of a Human Snake that's supposedly a twin of the Mall's owner. (Story's pretty famous and a complete farce)

Nothing in hand and just my National Bookstore package, I waited patiently for my parents to pick me up. Then minutes passed as I began to get scared. I remembered the tears already welling up as the guard waved his hand to his colleagues. There I saw my mother running towards me and being hysterical.

I found it to be instantly funny as all attention's focused on us. I found relief too as I wouldn't be the next Snake-man's dinner. Out of a form of consoling, my father decided to take me to McDonald's. I immediately bought the plain burger and urged them to go home.

When I went home I locked myself up in my room, after receiving a relatively good scolding, and began to read my newly bought Archie Comics. As I read, I started to eat my burger. That moment was priceless. That was the time I realized that after all those years of reading Archie Comics, I knew I'd enjoy it more if I have a burger with me. And vice versa, whenever we eat out at McDonald's, it would have been funner if I had my Archie comics with me.

It might attributed to Jughead's passionate interest on Pop Tate's burger, or it might be attributed to actually having the whole Archie Gang as my first time heroes...okay...friends. I tell you, the foundation must've been that strong in childhood, that I somehow learned how to adapt it until now...until now that I have my burger in my hands and watching Archie Cartoons in youtube.

We all have our little things. I have little things...little weird numerous things that I carry till now and I figured this is one of those loony things. hehe

After I've devoured the burger, I've again devoured the euphoric memories of my childhood. If I had to document the my whole childhood existence, I would definitely dedicate a chapter to the priceless Plain McDonald's burger with the literary classics of Archie comics.

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