Monday, January 7, 2008

Saturday Ho-Hum Carnival

Speaking of roller coasters metaphorically in my previous blog, do I daresay mention that I was in one last Saturday?

It was a dreary Saturday morning when I battled the desire to linger more in bed and waste the precious time sleeping, in a yet to be concluded New Year season. Mitch and I were discussing on a perfect Saturday date while he was playing DOTA and I was playing SIMS. With the lack of better options and creative ideas, we've decided to go to MCS for a DVD shopping hunt and just have lunch at the fabulous Chinese restaurant at Mr. Choi. It was not less than 5 minutes after we said our goodbyes when he called up again.

"What's up?" as I anticipated some massive alteration of plans.
"Do you want to go to Global Fun Carnival this afternoon?" he muttered
"Global Fun carnival, as in the one in MOA?" excitement's already evident in the tone here.
"Yup. Anton and Angela are going, I think AJ has free tickets." he confirmed.

And it was pure excitement from then on. The height of excitement doubled since I didn't expect my beloved Mitch would actually suggest that, since he is not a total fan of theme parks. Any ride that's elevated from the ground, except I suppose carousel, gives him the uneasiness. That's why he wouldn't dare to think of it as an option. But lucky me, his girlfriend, won't turn down a perfectly promising theme park, and a free entrance of ride all you can to boot!

Dressed up in shorts, shirt, jacket and messenger bag, I hopped outside the gate as soon as my ride had arrived. Not only did I look like a tourist, but I also acted like one.

Going to Global fun carnival via Macapagal was hassle-free at around 4 pm, noting the fact that MOA is having an end-year sale at that time. We parked the car in a massive space in between MOA and the carnival and hurried to meet AJ and Timmy.

As we entered, walking amidst the gravel laden ground, we tried to view the perimeters. Frankly speaking the first thing that comes to my mind was "PERYA/PERIA." For the benefit of those not exposed to this word, peria is some sort of 'localized form of carnival,' that usually is associated in school and town attractions. It's really not the typical elite carnival that I expected like in Enchanted Kingdom. The images and drawings that entice you tor ride can be done by billboard art displays you see in dimly lit cinemas in Aurora. But what can you expect, Global fun carnival is a moving / nomad carnival after all? It reminds me of a what a carnival should be though, with all the gypsy history.

As we tried to decide which one to ride first, I viewed the selections, and frankly I wasn't really that impressed. There's the usual roller coaster, Star City's better. There's Flipper, a group ride, wherein you get spun off constantly as you get elevated, (just imagine you're inside the tea cup, twirling in mid-air), there's the usual ferris wheel, bump cars, airplane ride (for kids) and ranger, a sort of 360 degree version of Anchor's away.

Some of the rides like the GFORCE and the other one which failed to resonate its presence in my memory were inactive. Aside from the not so impressive rides, were various games, which have impossible chances of winning, and numerous general attractions like mortuary (attempt at horror attraction), jurassic park and the mummy. Unfortuntalely the crowd spirit didn't help much.

After being immobile at the center, we decided to ride the infamous FLIPPER. AJ, Timmy, Angela and I dared it as Mitch and Anton declined, who immediately took on other roles as photographer and Baggage counter representative. Angela was hilariously becoming nervous as the ride begins to resume, she kept on worrying about the technical aspect of the ride, primarily because of the 'peria feel." She kept on catching the maintenance guy's attention to check our unit to see if there's any loose strings or something. "Di pa tayo name-maintenance check!" I think that was her exact words, mixing it with laughter and nervousness.

The Flipper well, was just like what a flipper should be, it imitates the feeling of being tossed and grabbed in midair. It was fun at first, but as the momentum speeds up, it was much more of a discomfort. Most of the peeps ended up feeling nauseated and the discomfort hits right at the head, not at the stomach, which is far worse.

We started to take a long break from rides and tried to meager through the grounds and looked at the game booths. I didn't take part of the gaming activity. I'd rather observe and just be hell KJ about it, cause frankly to win in those ludicrous game booths, one must have immense luck and superhuman calculated strength skills, otherwise you'd better treat your money as a form of donation.

After they've had enough gaming, the rest fell in line for the bump cars while Mitch and I tried to investigate on the snack booths. It was the usual finger food delights, nothing special. Lastly, I decided to venture to the last interesting ride in the carnival alone, which is called the ranger. It's just like a 360 degree turn of ANchors away with a special 10 second "tihaya" feature in the air. It was okay, better than flipper if you ask me. After that I went another round with AJ, and we all decided to go home.

Well, good thing the tickets were free. I'd hate to think I'd be cranky on the way home paying 400 bucks, for something that could easily be worth a 100, entrance and rides. The bad part is I didn't quite enjoy. The expectations were not that high really, can't blame it on me. But from the images, to the structure, to the ride selections, it's really not worth 400 bucks. Star City would've been better. But then again there's a first in everything.

*I'll try to post the picture as soon as Mitch hands them over to me.
So, if you're just not doing anything and wanted to experience the nauseating flipper and pay 400 bucks for the rides/entrance, well, be my guest, but for those who have doubts...listen to them, it might save you your wallet and time.

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