Monday, January 7, 2008

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Ride to a new life

Happy New Year Everyone!
Actually it's already pretty late, and it's been like a whole month and some days since I've written in this blog of mine.
To be more exact, HAPPY three KINGS.

Well, the 12 days of Christmas have just ended, people! It's just about the right time to put away those shimmering lights,prickly Christmas trees and miniature golden disco balls. It's time to make the house squeaky clean to represent life's new clean slate.

That clean state started exactly by watching a fireworks display in Ayala with some of my friends from work. Checked in a fabulous metropolitan hotel is the only way to go, experiencing new year with a little bit of luxury and comfort.

The feeling of collective celebration in Ayala was something worth it, I tell you. It beats being stuck in the house and listening to self-made fireworks orchestration that litters improperly in your village streets.

The new year celebration was pretty unexpected for me. I had a couple of talks with good friends, equally divided quality time with loved ones, and most importantly had a quiet reflection just before the closing of 2007.

I think everyone should be able to do that, snatch a few minutes or hours of their time writing or doing what they love to do when reflecting. Doing this activity allows relaxation and thinking. Good or bad things it may be, I think it's worth another look and worth saying good bye to.

Cliche is really not my thing as I bluntly say that 2007 was kind of a 'shit-year' for me. Talking metaphorically is understated, but shit in a good way, like what you scream on a deadly roller coaster ride. "SHIT!"

You scream that word "shit" knowing you're scared. You scream that word knowing that you wouldn't know how you'd end up with. You scream that word with bravado, publicizing to the world that you are in a very unstable position and there's honestly nothing you can do about it, but to brace yourself to somehow survive the ride.

I think I've come to realize that life is sometimes supposed to be like that.

No matter how you plan and manipulate the situation, there are just some monumental moments wherein you're 'riding that rollercoaster.' As it gets steeper and steeper, as much as you'd want to go back, reassess your strengths and try again next time, sometimes it just doesn't happen that way. One wouldn't realize you're taken into the ride of your life and the situation is beyond repair, that the first step to get it solved is to just to let it go and suffer the ride. There's nothing you can do but scream the word...SHIT.

Now that the roller coaster has stopped, I successfully got off. And I'm happy to get off, as I'm happy to realize that the ride is over. I am getting off in that blasted 2007 bringing memories of uncertainty, adrenalin, spontaneity, love and hate for life. I'd go down that ride facing friends s I carry on new activities. Although the person who got off that ride is quite different and changed compared to that person who got on.

Hopefully this year would be good to all! It should be a mix of ride of some sort, a relaxing one, a rushed exciting one, an uncertain one, romantic and fulfilling one, mostly happy moments and not shitty moments. But knowing that everything has its purpose and everything has its end, just like what happens to any ride, makes it all better and bearable. And right now at the start of 2008, I'm starting to feel and enjoy this ride called life.

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