Saturday, January 12, 2008

Movie night with Mitch

It is a bed weather today. I don't think the sun actually showed up. The rain is almost continuous just varying in intensity. I was supposed to have my intensive "workout" but i ended up sleeping till 4 pm. Good thing i woke up and arranged this pending movie date with Mitch.

After great will power to give up the cold embrace of the sheets, i drove the car and went to Mitch's place and head to our first 2008 movie date, I am Legend.

According to the sources i've read last Christmas, the movie was a blockbuster hit in the u.s. The story is again one of those that displays the tests of human capacity to survive in a certain pandemic...not only a serious pandemic, but a pandemic that causes people to acquire vampire-like qualities. There will be no spoilers here, so you can just breathe.

I have to admit that i expect it worth of every cent i paid for. Movie fees now are skyrocketing like oil prices. A movie costs 3-4 good quality pirated DVDs (Shame on you!)

After parking the car, we immediately bought the tickets which cost us 170 pesos each...that's because it's THX. Non THX cinema tickets cost 150 pesos, people. Can you just imagine how much a movie ticket will cost in 3-5 years time? No wonder movie goers are that selective and chose to rely on dvds as alternatives, which is bad and hurting the movie industry of course.

After having dinner at Bubba Gump, we directed ourselves for a warm coffee treat at our favorite Coffee Bean and Tea leaf, where I am now currently writing this through the convenience of my Nokia E61. The wonders of technology, you say...i still have to find ways to maximize and digest everything.

So many things to say, yet so little time. We are on our way to the cinema as wi fi goes out.

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