Monday, October 12, 2009

Cebu October 2009: The dramatic Me

Year after year, ever since I was a kid, I would get morally and physically down when I know I'm bound to leave Cebu and return home to the complex and stressful life in Manila. It never fails. As I type, I'm suffering from colds as I'm gulping Coffee Bean's ultra acidic orange juice. The colds just started this morning. As my aunt Debbie says, what the mind conceives, the body achieves. Great.

Technically I don't have any more important things to do. I've already packed, got my pasalubongs in order and dropped by CNT lechon to add up to my baggage weight. The only thing I'm left to do this afternoon is to chill out, have a last breather of Cebu and hope that it won't be too diffuicult when I start my work week this Tuesday, which I'm not really looking forward to. Well for one, god knows I have to work out double time...even triple, to burn out all the sinful things that I ate here. My trainer already texted me this afternoon to remind me, as if reading my mind, on not to skip tomorrow's session, which means I have to wake up super early even if I'm taking the last flight home. Tomorrow will be hell, I'm sure. Oh well, the price I have to pay for squeezing out every joy here in Cebu.

Second, I have colds and I've been sneezing combo sneezes since lunch. That can't be good. It would leave me in a grouchy state. With my clothes fitting tightly tomorrow and with the office stress, I think I'm ready to accept defeat right now.

With all the negative things coming my way, I know I am slightly over reacting. Going here I know, for now, is temporary. I'm bound to fly back home, that is the fact. There's no reason to whine and I have to deal with the usual transition blues. To cope, I'm just thinking of the people and things that I miss back home. Mitch. Harvey. My bed. My books. My routine.

Let my trip in Cebu be not in vain. I can do this. I can say goodbye to Cebu.

Bon Voyage Cebu. I'll be here again in January 2010.

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