Thursday, October 8, 2009

Cebu October 2009: Let the weight gain begin

I love traveling, minus the packing and unwanted expenses, it's perfect. Sometimes I love traveling alone. It makes me feel calmer and more independent. I don't have to be mindful about anyone. I call the shots as if I'm gliding. I realized that I miss traveling so much that I decided to make it a major goal of mine in 2010. I'm starting as early as now.

This early afternoon I flew to Cebu, my refuge from dried, stressed and uncreative moments. I chose the afternoon flight to have more time to prepare and not grapple at dawn and wake everyone up. In the morning, I had time to play SIMS, read the newspaper, randomly play with Harvey and do my last minute packing. By 12:00 I went to the airport.

Getting to the airport was a breeze. There was no heavy traffic just gloomy skies and drizzling. It hardly ever mattered. In fact, I sincerely love the weather. Upon reaching the airport, I faced the usual long cues and routine inspections, but was cut some slack when someone offered me to line up in the Puerto Princesa counter just to lessen the line in the Cebu counter. In less than 15 minutes, I was able to settle down in the lounge area. With my McDonald's take out, iced coffee and my chosen travel book, I relished the time alone at the airport, just reading while waiting to board the plane.

We left on time and arrived on time in an also gloomy Cebu. My aunt Ging fetched me, driving my self-claimed 4wd multi-utility vehicle, which I inaccurately dubbed as Tamiya. I recognize the same streets. I took in the usual Cebu aura and felt deeply calm and happy.

Clearly, we had no time to waste. We immediately went to the newly renovated and posh SM City Cebu with its upscale interior and stores just like what we have in Greenbelt. Basing it from the stores and recreation places, Manila has nothing new to offer. It was there that I felt that I could live in Cebu. I could actually relocate here. But my daydreaming was put to a halt when we decided to have Italian snacks at Sbarro before we fetched my cousin's psp download. At past 6 pm we went home to my aunt's grand residence.

By 7:30, together with her gracious family, we ate at an authentic Japanese restaurant near their place called Nonki. My sister raved about this restaurant when they took her there last May, and I now know why. From the interiors to the well played waitresses, the ingredients are high standard and one could taste the freshness of the dishes especially the raw delicacies popularized by Japan. The servings are generous and basing it from the special and fast treatment, I could say that their family is a regular customer. Oh, did I tell you that it has free wi-fi?

With a full McDonald's meal, Italian carbo-intensive snack and stuffed Japanese dinner, I knew I was in big trouble. Being in Cebu half a day already made me forget my psuedo-diet. It was reduced to a distant chant. I think I already gained 5 pounds today. I know I would have to sweat it off at the gym tomorrow, but I doubt if I could muster enough strength for something like that when I know I'm on vacation. It's as if typing would make it into a reality. Good luck to the dream of a physically fit lifestyle while I'm here. Mind you I still have four more full days of Cebu and I'm already guilt-bitching on my first day.

Only one day of Cebu and I feel like I'm in heaven. It has always been like this, no wonder that I don't miss home that much. (Except for a few loved ones of course)

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