Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Let me fly to Cebu

I hear rain. I feel wind. I see gloom.

Yikes. As much as I love these elements, I'm afraid I'm not loving it right now and most definitely not tomorrow. To give Philippines a break from massive rainfall and natural destruction, may this storm be not troublesome. Also, I have a flight to catch to Cebu tomorrow afternoon. I'd be utterly utterly disappointed if it would be canceled.

Cebu has always been my refuge. It is where I am comfortable and happy. It has always been my childhood place and whenever I'm there, I seem to forget the stress in Manila. Cool neighborhood, lechon morning noon and night, cheap ribs, good coffee shops, Postrio, good people. Ah, Cebu is my therapy and creative source of good things to come.

I need it now, so please....little storm, spare us.

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