Sunday, October 18, 2009

Friday: Highs and Lows

I had a pretty interesting weekend. There were highs and lows and it happened almost instantly that would leave a pretty decent mind and heart crazy. I'm not sure if I'm liking this weekend, anyways it's not yet over. The ride has yet to come to a full stop.

Last Friday, I had a toxic spillover at work running a datawarehouse. My lunch suffered because every minute was crunch time. I thought I was doing okay, missing out due to lack of focus once in a while, but I managed to finish on time with no fireworks and bomb threats. Until a colleague managed to see a lurking glitch with my signature on it. No choice but to study the damage and fix it with the remaining time. I had to stretch my work hours as I kept another person waiting in the dark. My schedule as well as his were made to adjust. There was an adrenalin high to finish, but it was met with a sudden low of glitch.

Meeting my dear date, surprisingly he kept quiet and was indeed merciful. I was even rewarded with a new merchandise, a pair of rubber shoes that I sorely needed. It was a timely reward and everything was going smoothly until I snapped at him. My reason: It was 9 pm, I was hungry and I was made to wait for him to attend his business for 15 minutes. Verdict: It is all my fault and I had no right to snap. Making him wait for an hour while I was crunching in the office, but was still rewarded with a pair of rubber shoes as a gift, were more than enough reasons to spare him from my unnecessary snapping. Naturally, my dear date snapped back and I was made to fight back tears caused by the surge of disappointment with myself. I ended up digging another grave. Another set of high moments to a very bad low.

Dinner was apparently the answer. Without reservations and as it was late, we settled for the ever reliable Friday's. I ordered my comfort food and surrendered to talking. During dinner, it was a pleasure to hear my significant other's realization about life that I never thought I'd be hearing from him. He puts all this credit to a newfound friend he just met from one of his business dealings. That new friend is in fact a professional life coach. I'm proud that my significant other is gradually trying to become a good leaf. He is doing it for himself. He is doing it to become better for me. And he was sharing this after I did the horrible snapping incident. Tsk Tsk to me.

I realized I've had too many high and low cycles for that day and during a rather calm and comforting dinner, I braced myself for the low.

But the low didn't come. It was apparently the last cycle for the day. Thank god we went home fine.

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