Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Cebu Bound: Oct 2009

With all my work behind me, I can finally relish the excitement of going back to Cebu tomorrow. Cebu is more than a place of vacation. It's like a second home to me. It's the place where I was born and a place that I fly to with an average of twice a year. I am quite familiar with the city and I have wonderful relatives whom I feel comfortable with day in and day out.

Whenever I'm there I'm not looking for die hard gimmicks and nightlife. I don't plan to replicate the stress and the usual activities I can do in Manila. The simple Cebuano food, steady vibe and being with wonderful relatives are more than enough for me. Cebu might be the closest modern Manila-Twin, but it's definitely cozier, laid back and vintage.

That being, I never run out of reasons of going to Cebu even if I practically don't do much or roam around there like a hungry tourist. Well for one, it's a good place to continue my writing. I need to write, but I also need a change of scenery. Manila is already getting on my nerves with work, with people and with the daily monotony. Somehow I feel that I need to recharge in a comforting place yet seldom that I go to. I need to eat, relax and think on a new kick of perspective. Cebu is the best place for it. Aside from that, one of my favorite aunts is celebrating her birthday this weekend and that means Cebuano food with important stress in lechon. Being on a "conscious" diet, I'm preparing myself for the inevitable, unconscious binging. Lastly, I had a good reason to travel because of the dirt cheap airfare I got from pop-up promotions on seat sales.I think everyone would agree that it would be a shame if I won't be able to maximize it.

After enduring the most excrutiating task of packing, I'm now finally making a list so that I won't be able to forget anything essential tomorrow. Since my flight is still at noon, I have more time to doodle and stay up late. Just like when I was a kid, knowing that I'd be going home to Cebu the next morning, sleep won't come in till dawn. Now it's more than mere excitement, it's a relief.

*Shot taken the Hilton Mactan Cebu last May 2009. An overnight getaway treat by my aunt, 15-20 mins away from the city. The Life. I can seriously live in Cebu.

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Globester said...

So far, I never get a chance to visit Cebu, Being a traveler, after reading your post, I am desperate to visit this place at least once.