Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The thing with Floods

Floods. Is it a childhood fantasy of yours of finding one in your street to wade on? Because it's certainly not mine. I have a thing with floods. I find floods very disgusting and uncertain. It's not like taking a bath in the rain. Floods are totally nasty. It's disgusting and very unhygienic. I hate it when I was a kid and I definitely know why I hate it more now.

Watching the flood victims of Ondoy and Peping, they walk around their streets with umbrellas, but feet and thighs submerged in brown murky water. Some are even enjoying. More than their safety and their livelihood, I cringe as I fear for their health. To know that they're always exposed to flood water seeping through metropolitan's every ditch, canal and extremely dirty streets, would leave me heartbroken. All imaginable skin diseases and bacteria would be partying like a rockstar. Leptospirosis anyone? The color of the water is not even enticing. And can you honestly know what you're stepping on? All the feces of different animals are floating and mingling with earth, mud, dirt. Think.

Seeing some kids swim in it like a giant pool wants me to slap them all together. But not like they have any choice. But I would suggest minimal contact in it. Make a raft, have your local government supply the community with plastic boots. Share the boots. Wear plastic up on your thighs. I don't care. Just don't wade in it as much as possible.

Or if it can't be helped and as soon as help is near and the waters have subsided, check with your local clinics for skin tests. Disinfect. Cleanse. Don't wait for further complications. You owe that to your skin.

A reminder, the flood did not happen in a clean province. It happened in Manila, a polluted capital. Don't let it worsen your condition than it already is.

After tropical storm Ondoy and Typhoon Pepeng left many areas in the country flooded, cases of leptospirosis—a disease—has increased significantly, officials said. The Department of Health (DOH) on Tuesday expressed concern over the situation as 383 cases were reported by only nine hospitals in the Metro Manila. (

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