Sunday, October 18, 2009

New Leaf. New Rubber shoes

Rubber shoes are not my thing. Never knew what's good, what's hot and what's okay. That was the case because I definitely had no reason for using one. But whenever the need arose, which I had repressed and redirected as much as possible, I survived by just borrowing a pair from my sister who was once a gym addict. I would usually borrow her leftover rubber shoes with thinner soles, when the edges would start to peel off, and the rubber would slightly detach itself from the base.

But last 2006, I was forced to buy a pair for a month-long sporting exercise that I needed to attend. I tried to back off, but there was a slim possibility that I could lose my job due to being a professional brat with general lack of cooperation. I tried borrowing one from my sister, but her rubber shoes were beyond repair and some were already shipped to my father's province. She had no new ones I could borrow because at this time, she has completely given up the gym. I was left with a couple of sneakers that usually sacrifice the comfort for the style. I knew I had to buy one.

From Cubao I took the train to Makati to search for the cheapest, but durable rubber shoes in town. I knew the branded sporting apparel stores would kill my budget, so I took the department store route. In 15 minutes I found one to my liking. I bought a sale pair from LA Gear, a good comfortable pair of rubber shoes, that looked okay, comfortable and most especially, dirt cheap. I bought it in a heart beat, but only used it 3 times during the occasion. Then I kept it in the cabinet. I thought it was for good. But I had an opportunity to use it 7 times during a gym try out at the office. Then it was stacked once again in the dark.

In terms of Rubber Shoes maximization, mine was pampered to the extremes. My rubber shoes were never washed because of the lack of hardcore use. Therefore it has always been clean. For a pair of rubber shoes, it had its storage perks.

That was the case until I decided to become a new leaf and attend gym classes this year, roughtly after three years. This meant I have to have the proper gear, which primarily translates to rubber shoes. But I was confident. I knew that my old, semi-unused pair was just waiting for me back home begging to be used. As far as I'm concerned, I've got it all complete and I'm ready to roll.

A week in the gym and my pair of semi-unused rubber shoes fell apart. I was regularly doing whatever stretching my body could allow before classes. After the class would end, it seemed the cracks in the shoes increased and the sole was almost preparing to detach itself from the main body. A week in the gym, and I thought I would fall apart, it seemed my rubber shoes beat me up to it.

I did the usual quickie remedy. Put instant glue and pressed the sole and the body to kiss and make up. I used it after two days, but I think the feud is irreconcilable. I need to hand it to the shoe professionals. My trainer and gym colleagues said that it could still be fixed with massive shoe surgery, but given my available time and the time of the repair, I would eventually have to skip gym for a couple of days. That would have been a disastrous excuse. Apparently rubber shoes, according to friends who use theirs regularly, need to be used to prevent quick deterioration. I didn't know that. I thought stocking it for years would save its life.

So, my first ever need, Mitch bought me a decent and kick-ass pair last Friday. I wasn't particular with the model. I never was. The important thing for me is comfort then durability. I don't care much about the design, color or the model. I just want one that would work in years. It turned out, I got all my basic criteria and some. The color was a strong combination of pink and blue. It looked fantastic my mom said. It has the sturdiness and comfort of running shoes, but with cool flexibility of a cross-trainer. Err..don't ask me exactly what it is. Comfort factor was phenomenal and it was made for the new me who will take physical activities seriously. I was excited because turning a new leaf needs good pair of rubber shoes and I was able to find one in minutes.

I already used it yesterday during a cycling class. I felt like I was a kid in school showing off the new merchandise. I just felt good. I believe this pair of rubber shoes would bring good results...and hopefully consistent ones.

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