Sunday, February 7, 2010

Blogging to Escape

To productively write and blog I need to have the perfect mood. I could write with a mood of serenity or calm or with intense passion or expressive displeasure. I also need a perfect setting somewhere that wouldn't inconvenience me in any way. The chairs should be comfortable. The place should be quaint and a bit private. Lastly, the ambiance or temperature should be working with me and not against. All of these with the boiling idea and concept would enable me to achieve a post that could be my best to date. Blogging is my way to get in touch with my ideas and share it with the world. Here I am extroverted.

Right now, I've transformed my desk into a perfect blogging spot. As much as I would want to travel and change my identity, this is the cheapest way of escape for now. I could be here for hours and I wouldn't know what's going on.

My next short and attainable projects:

1. Buy noise canceling headphones like the one I got for my brother.
2. Re-catalog and re-organize my library
3. Download songs in I-tunes and upload in my IPOD Nano. (Eeew, never thought I'd say this)

Now, back to Blogging.

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