Sunday, February 21, 2010

Go Travel!

Unfortunately I'm one of those few souls who do not get ecstatic for summer. Why get excited I ask. Summer is terribly hot, it's the perfect time for me to get skin allergies, electricity bills are bound to skyrocket and kids are literally around. This is my perfect hibernation season. I always imagine the ALPS. However bad, there is also a small itsy bitsy good side that comes with Summer. Vacations Packages.

For two days I've visited the chaotic, yet mesmerizing 17th Travel Tour Expo at SMX, which is just beside MOA, a place I rarely go to. For two consecutive days I was there from 11 am to 5 pm forgoing my usual gym sessions and weekend routine. I believe the expo is an annual opportunity for people like me who love to travel and get smart deals that won't break our wallets. The travel tour expo is the perfect place for tourism boards, travel agencies, airlines and hotels to get together and offer their best and exclusive rates for travelers gearing up for summer. If you're scheduled to have vacation in the BER months and off peak seasons, you might be disappointed on searching for low rates for hotels and tour packages. They mostly quote discounted rates and promos for summer. But if you're booking airline tickets, this a good place to go whether or not you're traveling during summer or latter parts of this year.

Just like in any expo, I expected tons of people, squishing around, unbelievable line queues and inconsiderate souls who hog their time with the front line agents. I got all of them, unfortunately, with a couple of B-lister actors looking for cheap flights and packages for the summer.

All in all the expo, despite tons of people and a bit of disorganized moments, was fruitful. I guess with how the transactions went, airline and travel companies got their expected number of clients. Colorful fliers bearing information were flying like sand, which was something unpleasant for a passing environmentalist. The expo opened up lots of opportunities for travel eliminating Scroogelike-excuses with the exciting and empowering discounts and packages. But most of them operate on a book and buy basis, which means you have to purchase during the particular travel expo schedule just to avail the attractive rates offered on the spot.

It was also a place for people who already have scheduled trips. Tourism boards of various countries and local regions were there to offer discounts from their affiliated hotels, restaurants and tours establishments. Tourism board stalls gave lots of maps, brochures and information on how to plan your upcoming trip to their land. There were free food, massages and consultation as their marketing gimmicks.

The 17th Travel and Tours expo is one of the best ways to boost the local and international travel industry. It empowers people to enjoy the world by giving the lowest rates and attractive packages. It also tickles the endless possibility even for non-travelers to go and rediscover other lands. The 17th Travel and Tours Expo was tiring, but considered a blast. Certain opportunities like this shouldn't be missed.

Special thanks to my travel-blogger friend: for accompanying me.

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