Sunday, February 7, 2010

Hong Kong Love

I love Hong Kong. On my flight back home I felt sad. I wish I could just relocate here in an instant. A best place to relocate for me is where they have good transportation and infrastructures. I'm not a fan of cars. Hong Kong seems so perfect. It has the right to boast its MTR system that makes Hong Kong's provinces to capitals more accessible. It's tourist friendly and very empowering.

I also love the ambiance. It's modern and busy yet organized. Everything has its purpose there. And Hong Kong locals, except for the lack of English skills, are very intelligent and savvy. I can see myself going back or living there. The feeling wasn't this intense when I visited Singapore or Indonesia. Though I enjoyed those places, those are purely for vacation. But to live? Hong Kong is one of my best bets. My family's going there this April and if not for my scheduled Boracay trip, I would have booked a ticket now and go there again.

Special thanks to Mitch for lending me his RICOH camera for which I owe these precious images.

Special thanks for the special participation of my travel companions Karla and Bags who endured sore feet and backs. I salute you.

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