Friday, February 12, 2010

The Pre-Valentine post

I'm not really a fan of Valentines ever since. Frankly, I don't see the point. It's just another special occasion for businesses to make money, for people to find ways to resolve that guilty feeling of emotional detachment throughout the year, and an absurd day of emphasizing the difference of the in love with the loveless. As years gone by and society has become more modern and mature, Valentine's is repackaged as an attempt to make it fit for all. Valentine's for family, for single friends and for self too. I appreciate the effort and the good vibes, but I'm still not a fan.

Charge this reception to my personality if you will, but I'm sure I'm not the only one. My boyfriend is even worse. He doesn't like Valentine's at all because he immediately connects it to heavy traffic, unreasonable spending and absurd obligations. I echo his sentiments although I'm not about to pass that opportunity to demand a sumptuous meal together in some great restaurant we haven't tried. I'm also open to out of town vacations wherein we could get to have massages and another calming meal. I admit in that regard, Valentines gives me an appropriate power to (demand) request. But my reasoning is superficial. We could get to do that in the other 364 days in the year anyways.

But seriously, I could do without Valentines. I must sound a bit scarred. It's not like my heart was broken on Valentine's day or my heart was broken in any matter though I have awkward and unpleasant Valentine's experiences that remain to be the only glaring memories I have.



I hate "making" art that involves cutting, sewing, painting, making cards or anything to do with the hands. My hands are agents of destruction and not of creation. As early as Preparatory school to high school I remember squirming whenever we have to do a "Valentine's" project. We had to make cards or shape a lard of soap into hearts and paint them. Making Valentine's cards for siblings or parents with heartfelt dedication were the worst for me. It did not end there. I had to present it to my teacher, which was a very horrifying experience.

Also during Valentine's I was under the impression of giving gifts to my teachers. Since everyone's giving them, I did not know better then. It might be pressure or the desire to blend in and not to be rebellious at a very young age. So I allotted a portion of my allowances to buy chocolates or pathetic looking roses to give to teachers who were worthy for me. It was always the same thing every year until I grew tired of it and saw the light.


But of course, expect people to go out with their friends, colleagues, families and significant others. Aside from Christmas, this is the best time for restaurants and establishments to be profitable. Add in the fact that it's pay day for some on a Chinese New Year weekend. I don't think I need to explain further. To stay at home seems to be the most strategic and stress-free thing to do.


When Valentine's was still only associated with Family, my dad in his attempt to be true to Valentines, would take us out. But it was never his thing to prepare or reserve. He seriously believes that tables will gladly be vacant whenever he arrives. We would find good restaurants eventually but we will be waiting for hours. On a worst case scenario, we drove from Alabang to Makati just to find a good restaurant that still can accommodate. We'd eventually get dinner at 9 pm and had it served to us with a rushed aura. Clearly not a best time to be unprepared.


Valentine's is a perfect day for annoying individuals or couples to express their romantic love in forms of PDA's, sweet-nothing's and emotional psycho-babble. According to a wise someone I heard on the radio, Valentine's is society's way of "rubbing it in." I agree.

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