Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Passion vs. Temptation

Come Monday some of my friends and colleagues asked me what travel deals I got knowing the fact that I literally spent my two whole days in the travel and tours expo. For them, it's nearly impossible to think that I went home empty handed. For my parents, they feared the worst economic slump for me. However, I surprised them by not booking at least one.

Of course I had my weak moments. I fell in line at PAL, AirPhilippines and SEAIR just to avail their 50% discounts only to find out that my specific dates are not included in the promos. It was a cue for me to leave though I could've easily picked any other dates just to be able to purchase dirt-cheap tickets, but my conscience said otherwise. Also, there is the question of a possible travel buddy. As much as I can travel alone, it's easier to have one person around especially in international destinations. Imagine, I can get for as low as 3,400 round trip ticket to Saigon care of Cebu Pacific. I was about to book when one of my travel buddies backed out due to work schedule conflicts. I was so devastated, but still strong-headed to purhase that ticket all by myself and not consider my safety. A travel blogger friend of mine, who was with me at that time, told me not to push through because he's concerned for my safety. From his vast traveling experience, I believed him.

On my second day at the expo, I was about to book tickets to Puerto Princesa for me and the boyfriend. I was already confined to my decision only to be persuaded by my mother to postpone the purchase just because I have other travel plans pending, one in Boracay this April and Bangkok in June. She believes that I won't be able to gain financial leverage with all my money going out the window. I figured, she's right. I do have to plan these things thoroughly and not get hooked by just a sudden possibility. Besides, the boyfriend isn't ecstatic about traveling either.

So, what I did was to take note of some fliers and slowly formed my future travel plans in my head. I was entertained by promotional gimmicks of hotels and resorts as I was introduced to new local destinations and establishments I've never heard of. I kept on circling around, studying information and programming in my head that I would soon visit one of these places. I got contact numbers of various tourist agencies, resorts and hotels. I'm just keeping my options open.

Lastly, I postponed purchasing another travel deal because of certain career movements, which I'm trying to initiate. We've only finished the second month of this year and 10 months are still waiting to be spent. I'm afraid there might be sudden career occurences that might conflict with my future travel plans. It's always better to wait and strategize as traveling also involves resources and energy.

So, I only took various maps, fliers and contact numbers in those two days at the EXPO. It was still fruitful for me even though I was not able to purchase anything because I now have vast information. Frankly, I think it was just right. I'm still slumped with financial bills and I already have travel plans on cue for the summer anyways. There is no need to complicate things. Besides, I'm eyeing for bigger things now like that Asian cruise and European tour. Hopefully I could get to purchase something like that on next year's travel and tours expo. That means I really have to save this year and cut what needs to be cut, like hormonal traveling.

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