Sunday, February 28, 2010

Movies now and Movies before

I just finished watching Jack, a 1996 drama-comedy, starred by Robin Williams in Star Movies. I watched it while I was having my breakfast, Swiss Chocolate Cake, brought by a guest from last night's party. I believe the movie and the cake meshed well. It's not the first time I've watched the movie though. I think I've watched the full length more than five times already, but the movie still stands out. The story is simple, yet original. It's heartfelt and very truthful. The movie bursts with meaning and not of euphemisms. Why movies aren't like that anymore?

I love movies done in the 80's and the 90's. I even love movies done a couple of decades before that. Probably even as time goes by, the stories still stand out. It's classically relative. They don't focus on glitz, they focus on real stories and great performances. Even Filipino movies had more meat to it than love-team led titles that we see now. Though the modernity of film making at this age has an edge through special effects, graphics and other advanced cinematography features, but the stories do not really pierce the soul. It's either the story is somewhat recycled or pointless. Stories done before are still being very much appreciated now because the story and the performances were stellar. It's not riding in constant commercial hype nor did it rely on technology. Movies done now battle on special effects and technology. That may be true, but most movies lack on the backbone, the story. It's either rehashed with different characters, but having the same lessons, same endings and same emotions. What's bad about how movies rely on technology now is that once you've seen a sample, you've seen it all.

I am an 80's and 90's kid in movies at heart. Though I do have a couple of favorites in 2000, but those I could only count with my fingers. We desperately need new stories. We need new ways on how to tell them. We need to bring the good actors back and not just some mainstream hot item in tabloids now. If we have to remake movies, may it be more empowered and incomparable than before. I don't know the specific answers. But I think Film makers need to take passionate risks sometimes and not stick with the formula. Movies shouldn't be a trend. It's an art.

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