Monday, August 30, 2010

The expected backlash

Another Filipino worker, Julie, said her 60-year-old employer, for whom she has worked for 14 years, did not speak to her after the hostage crisis.

“She watched news on TV about the hijacking. She did not talk to me and did not give me dinner on Wednesday,” she said. *(PDI)

Reading about this breaks my heart, but I knew at some point this would happen. I just hope his is an isolated case.

It seems no matter how we try to emphasize how sorry we are for the hostage crisis and how embarrassed and shocked we are on how our own police force dealt with it, it would never be enough. It would take time for the Chinese community to forgive and understand where we're coming from. Though we don't force them to totally heal in the near future, I do hope they do not retaliate by harming the well being of the Filipino people in their territories. Hurting people won't help anything, they should know.

May the Philippine government take necessary steps to ensure the lives and well being of their citizens are secure. May they be proactive, visible and sincere.

I don't know how the Department of Tourism could remedy this, but they'd better be creative and execute fast.

I don't know how the Philippine Police Force could redeem themselves, but they'd better try harder and seek consultants and experts, please.

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