Monday, August 23, 2010

Getting a new phone...finally

I'm not technologically advanced. Gadgets don't really interest me. I just use something as long as it fits my basic needs and that I'm comfortable with it. I hardly care about the superficial and intricate qualities. Tech-talk about phones, cameras and computers are alien to me. I can't even survive 10 minutes in the cell phone exchange in Greenhills.

There are moments that I feel that I'm left behind. I ask questions and try not to look so stupid. But I still don't give a crap about new models and enhancements. Basically I stick to whatever I have until it breaks down. My cellular phone for instance is ancient by today's standards. I've had it with me five years ago and it's the grandfather of all E-Series of Nokia. It's a qwerty phone, has an internet connection, but with no camera. I only have the basic applications installed yet I survived and didn't look for anything else. I've thrown it, crashed it accidentally, but it's still with me. My boyfriend, who is a tech-boy, squirms at the sight of my phone and urges me to allot a meager budget to get a new one. My 13 year old brother and father have more updated units and my sister can simply floor me. I still didn't care.

Now, I'm beginning to. Before traveling to the States I needed a Quadband phone I could bring. My boyfriend lent me his slightly used E-Series phone and I feel odd borrowing something that I think I should have. It took me a trip to the United States to realize that it's time to trade in my old phone and get a new one. It was not an impulsive decision. I gave it a lot of thought and the decision to buy a new unit is strong.

For one, I need to be more tech-savvy. I don't need to be a tech freak, but I should be savvy enough to know the basic upgrades of applications. I might not know that there could be some features present to make my professional and personal connectivity more convenient. Second, my old phone looks like shit. Aesthetically, it's not pleasing to look at anymore. It's so covered with scratch and its weight is a burden. Third, I can hardly bring it overseas, which at this point is important since I love to travel in a connected fashion.

My parents constantly wonder what I'm doing with my earnings if I can't buy a suitable and more updated phone. My friends would just sigh and laugh. Even fresh graduates get more upgrades. My boyfriend would try to narrate reasons why I should face the inevitable and at the same time brainwash me of the latest models out there. For years I've been ignoring their pleas and comments, but it's different now. I think the perfect time has come to finally trade in. Funny, the last time I felt like this was moments before I decided to buy my very own car.

Buying a new phone after five years is a big leap for me. Technology wise, I have a lot to learn with the new units out there. I'm not scared though. In fact I'm excited. I have a couple of phone models in mind and my boyfriend is helping me find out my perfect unit. Since he knows how to interpret the specs, I give him the full responsibility to narrow down the phones that would suit my needs. Before I was not entertaining the thought of owning a touch-screen phone. Keypads were very important to me, but now I'm more open to eliminating it completely and switch to touch screen. I've realized that it might be something that I just have to get used to. What I also want is to have a flexible and functional phone that I could use in five years time. I want to learn and do things more conveniently. I want a phone that does not hold back. Other salient things like the looks, brand and special features matter, but not so much as long as I am sold with major conditions such as functionality and comfort. And I'm happy to say that since I'm purchasing something serious and life changing for me, price for this matter is not an option.

I want to get a new phone. It's a ripe decision and it's something that I've totally prepared for. I just need to know which.

I have a couple of units in mind.

So it's either HTC, Samsung or Sony. The particular models are not exactly pinned down due to availability issues and the current study being done by my tech-consultant. But what I want is the first moment I land in Manila, I would be able to purchase a new phone for a brand new start. I'm so serious of getting about this that I'm starting to itch already. It's a plan that I'm looking forward to materialize.

To be specific, I'm clinging more to buying Android OS phones. I can't justify that as much as I'd want, but it is highly recommended by my tech advisers and it's one of the most flexible, updated and kickass OS out there. I trust them and I've done basic research. It's not for the faint of heart. Android phones are considered smart phones in a way that it has tons of different features and enhancement of applications to suit a busy, organized and fast paced user. I'm sure it won't be user friendly at first, but that could be seen as the interesting part. It means I have new things to learn and there is a goal. Once I've unmasked its full capabilities, then I believe it would improve my connectivity and productivity as a professional. Besides, I love Google. Anything that is developed by Google, I'm optimistic about. All I know is that I'm getting and Android phone soon. To know which one, that is the remaining question.

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