Monday, August 16, 2010

This is only Temporary

Last post I did in this blog was in August 1. Not good indeed. But I've gone past feeling guilty because there are always so many things to do here besides work and it's something that I have to maximize. Well I have learned how to cook, clean my apartment, catch up on movies and just reflect. Writing and reading really took a backseat while I'm here, but I know I would gain it back soon. It's just a matter of changing my work pace and environment. This is only temporary anyways.

There has been a lot of physical changes going on while I'm here. Materialistically speaking, I've never shopped this bad. Physically speaking, I've gained weight ten folds. But then again I've gone past feeling guilty. I did enjoy the experience. Like what I said before this is only temporary.

I haven't written anything nor have I finished the loaded book of Ayn Rand. To justify, I get drained all the time at work and when I come home, my time is allotted to communicating and doing chores. There were moments that I caught myself staring in space so tired. Again, I just have to make things work. This is only temporary.

My semi-revised life is only temporary. The good will soon be moderated and the bad would be remedied as soon as I go back home. There's no reason getting worked up with the glaring changes. Everything that I did here, whether off beat or not, had a great reason. As long as I'm happy and the change is worth it, then I'll be fine. I can't wait to leave this temporary wonderland. Somehow, I miss reality and balance.

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