Tuesday, August 17, 2010

New Template

The old template with a rain background that I had for almost six months is so old. I proved that I was so disconnected from the blogging world that certain enhancements of the site totally escaped me. But like what I wrote in my previous post, I'm so past feeling guilty and hateful. I come justified anyways since I'm prioritizing more important things right now like work.

So now I am tipping the balance and I'm easing myself back in the game. Since I love the new energized feeling that represents this new and amazing phase, I am finally taking advantage of the enhancements and have chosen a new template.

So I totally scrapped out the rain background. Water, rain and coolness are things that I don't relate with right now. It's totally not connected to my present situation. I am in Cincinnati, Ohio for 2 months now, which is a pain because I am here during their summer. Summers in the states are not humid, but excruciatingly hot and dry. There are days that I feel like walking in an open oven. I feel like I'm a frying bacon under the sun's piercing rays. I get fried, but I don't sweat. If this is what they feel is pleasant, so be it.

So out with the rain and in with something more lively.

I've always liked green anyways and the background reminds me of a 1960's cloth in a quaint vintage cafe that I visited a couple of times when I was in San Francisco. Also, the patterns and color somehow remind me of Cafe Mido in Hongkong for some weird odd reason. I like it. The End.

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