Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Living in KY and working in OH

It's been almost 2 months since I've been here in Cincinnati Ohio. Well...technically I live in Kentucky. My Oakwood Roebling Row apartment is in Covington, a quaint town in Northern Kentucky, which is a hop away from Cincinnati Ohio. My apartment is overlooking Ohio River and it just takes a 10 minute walk through the architectural bridge to get to the business district of Cincinnati. Some of my colleagues walk to appreciate the scenery, but I take the 5 minute bus ride especially in this summer heat.

A few steps from my apartment, I'm already near the river and I can clearly see the Cincinnati skyscrapers, which includes my office. Bummer. Everything's within reach here. I remember a colleague told me that he jogged to 3 different cities (Cincinnati OH, Covington KY and Newport KY) in 2 states in 35 minutes. Plus, the TANK bus, which I so love, did us wonders. A monthly unlimited pass could take me to outlets, Kentucky towns, major malls, Walmart, Cincinnati Downtown and the international airport. I admit I get envious of the public transportation that they have in more developed countries. One way for me to get impressed with a country, it has to have an organized and solid public transportation. They have that here.

Though I've been living in Kentucky and working in Ohio for months, I haven't properly documented my stay here and the things that I had to adjust to. The massive heat, trying to pull off this migration project, joining an awesome company, meeting interesting people, shopped 25 shoes, 10 pounds of bath and body, been a freak show in the outlet malls and getting a chance to love different states of the USA will all soon be remarkable memories for me. It's always nice to document it as I experience it.

Now that I am regaining my blogging fever back, I will use this experience as a strong start. A huge part of this August blog post will serve as a repository of my thoughts and images of my life here.

But it's 10 o'clock now and I have a big day tomorrow at work as usual. For now it's time for me to sleep. Will reserve the posts for later.

This picture was taken by Gisselle Cordova, a colleague who is also here with me in this migration project. An accountant who is into amateur photography. She took this shot by the river. It's behind our apartment in Covington, Kentucky. The bridge on the left is where they walk to get to the downtown/business district of Cincinnati, Ohio where we hold office and where the famous stadiums are located.

We have been witnessing how people support their Cincinnati Reds Baseball team. It's amazing. I heard that it is highly recommended. I don't know anything about baseball, but I hope to watch a real game soon. I still have 3 more weekends. Better make plans.

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