Monday, August 23, 2010

Pasalubongs to Unload

In our almost 3 months of overseas training, my colleagues bought different gadgets for themselves and for their families back home. Fortunately, I'm not a gadget-y person. I have everything that I could possibly need. Yes, I would eventually undergo an upgrade, but right now I'm fine. Also, my boyfriend and my siblings have more upgraded gadgets than I'll ever have and they know perfectly well that to ask me to buy something techie for them would be hopeless. So they never forced it. My brother tried in my first three weeks here, but after a couple of tries, my father just took care of it.

So technically I didn't buy any gadget in this trip. No cameras, no laptops, no ipods or hard drives since I still like what I currently have right now. I had wanted to buy a PS3 since my sister squealed that my dad had put a tv in my room, but friends and experts I know decided against it since my brother already has the goods. My boyfriend just wanted me to build an HD Theater system instead, whatever that is.

So I just used my money for my entertainment and bended down to the wishes of my loved ones.

My fashion-conscious sister asked me to buy her make-up. I was shocked, but I applauded her for risking and entrusting the request to me. She knows I don't have any knowledge about make-up. I get dizzy just by looking at them and most importantly, I am allergic to it. I don't know what they're called, I don't know what they're for and most certainly I don't know why they cost so much.

So when my sister gave me a list, I asked the help of my colleagues and bought her everything that she specifically listed down to the number, detail and price. I bought two of everything she listed including the shades, which make-up enthusiasts agree, was not necessary. Screw it. I don't have time to return these.

There must be at least 200 dollars worth of stuff there. It pains me to think that these small powdery things cost so much. But for my sister and mother's amusement, here they go.

Also, my brother and I are also planning to start playing tennis. I've played tennis when I was a kid and I was an enthusiast. I watched French Open on cable and fantasized on playing with the greats. I even had a necklace made out to Gustavo Kuerten in college. I stopped simply because of work and other interests. But now I'm going back for real. I'm going back as soon I land in Manila. So I bought updated racquets here so there would be no backing out.

Other stuff I will just mention like shoes, watches, bags, clothes and damn-heavy-Bath and Body products. I've tried to stuff everything in my two luggage and I know I would have to allot another 50 dollars for excess. I can't wait to go home and unload these stuff. Some people should better be happy.

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