Thursday, August 19, 2010

Harvey Turns 2

I can still vividly remember the day I went to Divisoria to shop for party favors for a major birthday party. It was only a year ago that I planned for such a big event down from food, to decor, to guests, party favors and banners. I had put my party planning into overdrive and I was very happy that it turned out very successful. It was last year of August 13 that Harvey Elizander turned 1; and like any other devoted mot--master, I wanted to celebrate the day he was born to give me joy and a new perspective in life. And since 1 year is equivalent to 7 years in dog life, the last year's party was intended to be grand. This year, Harvey turns two. And yes, Harvey is my Jack Russel Terrier dog.

If you've been reading my blog, probably you're already sick of knowing the basic information. I adopted Harvey on November 1st 2008. He is an anniversary gift from a loved one. It took time for me to get a dog, but the moment I saw him, I felt this connection. Ever since that day he would constantly give me joy and he teaches me how to be more responsible, nurturing and patient. In return, I make sure that I give him the best home, opportunities and attention. I also make sure he is cultured and sociable by spending more time with him in public places that I love. He has always impressed me with his intelligence and energy and I will forever be thankful that he is with me. That's why when it was his first birthday ever, I gave all out as a sign of happiness and thanks that he's alive.

Unfortunately since I'm in the States this year for his birthday, I wasn't able to plan exhaustively as I did last year. But I did not forget him. Before I left, I made sure his supplies and needs are well taken cared of. I made sure that I designated people to look after him while I'm gone. Lastly, I requested the help of my sister and mother to execute Harvey's 2nd birthday celebration in conjunction to my brother's 14th birthday.

To lessen the hassle at home, I decided to combine my brother and Harvey's celebration. I pooled funds and gave them the best party I could give while I'm here. With my sister's help and execution, I got my brother and Harvey separate birthday cakes, food and decors. For Harvey, I asked my sister to invite a few guests, some of my friends who have been good to Harvey.

On August 7, 2010, on my brother's exact birthday, 2 celebrations occurred. As much as I also miss my brother, Harvey seems to be the one who crushes my heart to pieces. I miss him and his antics. I miss spending time and fooling around with him. I miss my dog. While they were having the after dinner party, I was on Skype cooking my breakfast while talking to the guests. His party wasn't that grand compared to last year, but I have food, cake, balloons and that's all I needed. Harvey was happy and that's all that matters.

After a couple of days my sister published the party pictures. Looking at those, I suddenly felt like going home. It's weird because I hardly ever miss home, but Harvey all changed that.

My dog finally and officially turned 2 with another bang. And yes, I miss him terribly.

Harvey Elizander, my 2 year old Jack Russell Terrier.

Special thanks to my sister Karla (Holding Harvey) who is the executor of the event.

Harvey's sumptuous Chocolate Birthday Cake. Mother forgot the fact that dogs can't eat chocolate.

Some guests who came and partied.

Me cooking my breakfast while my sister and the rest are enjoying drinks.

My brother who turned 14. The real birthday celebrant.

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