Saturday, September 4, 2010

All my bags are packed....but..

Damn this packing!!!

I took the half day off yesterday to figure things out. After saying those bitter sweet goodbyes to the lovely people we worked with at Cincinnati, I had my very last meal at Chipotle (very sad) and went home to fix my luggage.

Special thanks to my colleague JP, who loves packing than unpacking, he redid mine. Sure, he was able to put everything in and more, but I'm hanging by the thread. The allowable baggage is 50 pounds per bag. Excess is only for 20 lbs. The last time I weighed, my first baggage is 67 pounds and the other one is 49.5. Damn. That isn't good at all. I have resigned to the fate of paying excess for the first baggage, but do I have to pay excess on my 2nd bag? Most likely since the scales are different in the airport.


Packing hurts more than just paying and getting this 24 hour flight over with. Just let me get through peacefully in the airport and I'll be fine. I can have my breakfast at Starbucks and read my new book.

I tried to sleep, but woke up at 3 am. I had a bad dream about my bags again. Now I couldn't sleep. The weather's fine here. It's the start of fall and it's cooler, a farewell change of weather in Cincinnati. I'll surely miss this place. I can stay, but real life goes on in Manila.

Screw the bags, right? I think I'm ready to go home.

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