Saturday, September 4, 2010

Goodbye Cincinnati

I guess I will catch my sleep on the plane. I have to be at the airport at 7 am and catch the 10 am flight to Detroit. Lay over there is 4 hours before we fly to Nagoya Japan then reach Manila at Sunday 10:30 pm. Then reality resumes.

It has been a good stay here. We met new people. We learned a new process and we experienced a sweet chapter in our life. I have gained something from this. I'll figure that out once I live my life back home. Right now, I'm just focused on getting on that plane and hope I won't have an upset stomach.

I am chatting with my sister right now and making last minute preparations at home. I asked them to get me specific dishes on Sunday night. I miss Chinese food, the authentic ones from Luk Yuen. I can't wait to see my dog, my home, my car and my loved ones. I might be able to stay here a few more months, but now that I'm going home, I really can't wait.

In a few minutes, I have to get out of the bed and get ready. I have some last minute checks to do. Cincinnati has been really good to us. My stay here has been so pleasant. I'll miss people. I'll miss my routine. I'll miss my apartment. But I'm a person who easily detaches when reality hits. I know I'll be fine. I have something to look forward to at home. Work and my life back.

Months flew so fast. I can still remember the day I landed here and first viewed my apartment. And now I'm going home. I'm at peace and happy.

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