Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Finally got my HTC Android

The long wait is over. I'm done salivating and wondering if I would really push through with this major tech purchase. I'm done looking up images online and reading what this new Android phone is all about. I'm done with all that preparation because I finally have my own unit. I finally have my new Android Phone.

Thanks to Mitch's expertise and encouragement, I got one of the best units for now. I must admit that the image, the navigation and the advanced features are new to me, but it's something that I could learn and cope. I love the color, the navigational specs and how smart the phone really is. I am so excited that I kept looking at it while I was having a massage.

But I will save my other discoveries for another day because for now it's time to get some sleep. My head hurts from the lack of it and fumbling at new gadgets certainly wouldn't help. I am still too excited.

For those who might be curious, I got the HTC Desire and I'm loving it.

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