Sunday, September 26, 2010

Charice on Glee

I hardly watch TV. If there's something worth watching or talking about, I usually get my dose online. I've never been a fan of series, foreign or local. So Gossip Girl, True Blood, Weeds, Prison Break, CSI, Glee, I know by name and by advertisements but that's it. I don't know the inner conflicts of the stories or the intricate plot and characters. It's safe to say that I've watched one or two episodes of a series, but that's it. For some reason, these shows do not appeal to me.

But there's been a sensation with Glee nowadays. I heard that this American musical TV series hit the big mark on their first season. Most of my friends and colleagues are fan of it even my boyfriend. My sister and brother, not fanatics, but are knowledgeable with the story's progression. They began to download episodes, post something about it in Facebook periodically and talk about it during lunch. I know of Glee because of them actually. But this time, this first episode in the 2nd season, it especially hit big time especially for Filipinos. Apparently, youtube singing sensation Charice Pempengco, who is young but has a voice comparable to the greatest American Divas, made her first appearance in Glee as an exchange student Sunshine Corazon. Glee as I now know is a global tv sensation. With her on the show, her fame will shoot up, but not to belittle Oprah's backing and top billboard record of course.

I think it was Tuesday dawn last week when I went down to our office canteen, I literally saw packs of colleagues facing the flat screen TV's as if they're watching a martial law proclamaition. The world stopped for a few minutes. Charice was there in the episode with the Glee Cast, acting, looking a BIT fabulous, belting her infamous voice. I am happy to say that I'm proud. There's no question this girl has got talent, but we all know talent is not the only thing that keeps the artist afloat. I really hope she makes it big in Hollywood.

No more additional comments for me. No matter what they say, at the end of the day, that voice brought her in that show and let's just all appreciate her for that. If she does well in TV, then good for her, Glee became her break. She brought Filipino talent in the global mainstream. I support and I'm very proud.


Anonymous said...

Condivido pienamente il suo punto di vista. Mi piace questa idea, sono pienamente d'accordo con te.
E 'vero! Ottima idea, sono d'accordo con lei.

brolitz said...

Filipina talent