Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I'm Finally Home

After 24 hours of travel, I finally got home in one piece though with a sore back in my hot and humid country. My father and mother picked me up using Essie and I couldn't have been happier. There's always a comforting feeling of being able to go home and that people missed you or took time to pick you up and attend to your needs. When I got home, I have my favorite food on the table, Luk Yuen dishes of steamed shrimp dumpling, fried meat dumpling, fish congee and siomai, all my special requests. Since I got too excited with the sudden shift, I took time to unpack and sort my messed up luggage. I got reacquainted with my dog who I terribly missed. My sister woke up to see her packages and my boyfriend went to the house at 12 am to check up on me.

I tried to sleep at 1 am, but as expected I couldn't. Jet lag. In totality, I only had 3 hours of uncomfortable sleep and woke up at 6 am in early preparation for my big welcome-home-date with my boyfriend/tech consultant. When I was in the States we planned for this day a thousand times. We knew how it would turn out. He would file for leave, drive me to libis to get my previous employer's documents, finally assist me in buying my new kick-ass phone, have lunch at one of our favorite Chinese restaurants, watch a movie and cap it off with a massage. It would be a date marathon. I'm happy that everything turned out perfectly fine. It was a day intended for us.

We were able to retrieve what I had to retrieve in Libis and we immediately went to Greenhills to satisfy my phone-itch. I left the negotiations and searching to him. Obviously he knows what he is talking about. As far as I'm concerned, I am just there to test drive and pay. He perfectly knows me and what I need in a phone. It didn't take us long actually. Within 30 minutes, we finally found the perfect unit with the perfect price. After 10 minutes in that store, I finally possessed a new phone and spent a fortune for it (in my tech expenditure standards).

Unlike some people who randomly change phones like how they change their moods, this is life changing for me. I don't really buy gadgets. Technology doesn't really interest me. I'm perfect with hand me downs and simple devices. But I find myself shifting to a new OS, to a new unit and most definitely to new navigation specs. I certainly felt I was behind with everyone else including my 14 yr brother and my old fashioned father. I have a lot to catch up on. Right now, I'm just excited about this new gadget and I'm pretty proud of this acquisition. I feel the time is indeed right to make that upgrade.

After buying my phone, I bought accessories for full protection. We also ate at our favorite chinese restaurant, watched a 3D movie which half of it I slept on, ate dinner at Max's Fried Chicken and capped it off with an intense massage to cure my sore back from traveling that long with a Brooklyn White Cheese Pizza as my midnight snack. Life is indeed good in this perspective.

I have missed Manila. I missed the sounds, the accessibility and the connection of people whom I care for. I certainly missed hanging out with my boyfriend and siblings. Certain things have to change but somethings will always stay the same. Tomorrow I go back to work and face the challenges head on. I think with a positive outlook, I will be fine. Last night, it didn't sink in yet that I'm finally home. But spending the whole day outside and going to comfort places I love, I finally realize that this is it. I'm back to my life and I started it off great.

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