Sunday, September 26, 2010

A nice and satisfying Saturday

It's 4:21 AM and the sun will up in a couple of hours. Shortly I would hear my father squeak out of his room while he prepares to leave for golf. I would hear Ate Ne preparing breakfast and Harvey coming in and out of the garden looking for that huge snake that everyone saw on Saturday afternoon while I was asleep. Yes, there was an unwelcome snake in our house and it was huge. It was as thick as an arm of an average 7 year old kid and it's length is from one car side mirror to the other. I'm sure it was a surreal and a scary sight. Nobody in our household likes snakes, well except for my sister who actually had a pet aqua snake before, which died because of my sister's usual neglect. When I woke up at around 7 pm, everyone was talking about it and I saw tennis rackets, golf clubs, flashlights and umbrellas everywhere. Apparently they all cornered it at one point, but never had the courage to do something with it. It escaped to the other part of the lot. Harvey, my hunter-worker dog, found it. They were about to attack one another and my father, out of fear of Harvey's safety, asked them to pull him out. Then it was gone. The snake used our garden-bar as an escape route. Everyone gave up out of fear and exhaustion. I think they'll call a heavy-duty exterminator this morning. Last year, I made a blog about my mother finding a small baby snake in her room. It was just a little big bigger than a normal worm, but now I think they found his mom. Scared for our dogs. The snake might actually harm them or retaliate. In fact, we're not sure if the snake is singular or plural.

I woke up and listened to the interesting story and made sure that an exterminator should be called first thing in the morning. I nearly forgot my date with Mitch. I dressed and met up with him at 8 pm as we started to do his plan for the night. He knows how stressed and busy I am with work and he knows that I need a relaxing weekend to recharge. So bless him for taking me out to dinner. He knows how I love Japanese and eating in Little Tokyo in Makati.

I love Little Tokyo. My father introduced this place to me as usual. Been eating here whenever I crave for fresh and authentic Japanese food. Whenever I eat here, I feel like I'm in Japan. It's more than what the food offers, but the setting is very very Japanese. Little Tokyo is like a small compound of authentic Japanese restaurants. Hardcore Japanese, businessmen and food trippers go there. In the middle of the busy city, there's a quaint Japanese place where it is always a very impressive venue for dating. The ambiance is relaxing and reminiscent of Japan. The food is fresh and bursting of Japanese flavor and the crowd is very cultured. Mitch, with his very Asian looks, really blended well in the crowd. Though he looked like a malnourished Samurai.

After dinner, we went straight to Greenbelt to have coffee and movie. He also knew what to watch. He knows that before I left for the States, I wanted to watch the Legend of the Guardians: Owls of Ga'hoole. It was an effort for his part since he is not really a fan of 3d and animation, but I saw that he's making an extra effort to keep me happy. While waiting for the movie, we had coffee at our favorite place in Coffee Bean. I was quite surprised that the coffee shop now serves yogurt. The movie ended up to be a cool one. Mitch loved the animation. Driving home, he couldn't get over how amazing it was. We actually enjoyed and Owl adventure-action movie. At this point, I couldn't ask for more.

The movie capped the night off and it was fortunately very good. Mitch was also very impressed with the animation. We both liked the simple story (which still lacked a bit of depth) But the real thing was, we were just so happy to be with each other. He missed the laid back Saturday dinner we would always do, which includes coffee and movie breaks. I missed hanging out with my man in Greenbelt and enjoying jokes and jabbers with him. He knows how to cheer me up and he lived up to the expectation tonight.

After our date, we went to a friend's house and had a relaxing conversation before I headed home at 3 am. Since I slept the whole day I'm having a hard time to sleep again. It is the known pain of a graveyard shift's body clock. But no worries, I intend to make my Sunday packed and relaxing as well. Probably I'll get some winks in a few hours before I execute my promise to my brother, which is to spend time playing computer games with him.

I intended to relax and just enjoy simple things this weekend, which was done. God knows that I need to recharge for the chugging week ahead (you have no idea). I have one day left to rest and spend time with people I hardly see anymore. Saturday started well and I'm off to a good start. It was a simple evening, but it was very fulfilling. Time away from work and more time for family and friends is definitely what I need, oh and a little bit of rest and sleep would also be fine.

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