Monday, July 13, 2009

Morning accident care of a Korean

I was in a car accident today, which led to a fight, which led to a massive generalization. My dad and I dropped my brother in CSA, a school located in an exclusive village in Makati. Apparently some officials did an experiment in the school traffic route, which ironically resulted to heavy traffic and students walking long distances from their cars to the school just to reach the bell. It also didn't help that it was raining.

My dad's car was near the gutter and preparing for the turn when he stopped and honked his horn because he estimated that the car on his left was making a sharp right turn, somehow oblivious of our position. My dad stopped, honked his horn to let the imbecile be aware of our presence. But it's as if the driver's gone deaf, she made that turn and her junk of a car inevitably hit ours. We were stunned at the stupidity and waited for any reaction. After roughly 6 seconds, the brilliant driver even managed to move forward as if trying to get free from her mess making her bump worse, and my dad flaring mad.

My dad got out and ordered for me to walk my brother to school. My dad started to unleash harsh words and demanded the driver to face him. The driver turned out to be a Korean woman, a young mother, who looked distressed/hysterical with the accident as well. As soon as my brother and I started walking and listening as my dad keeps venting out his frustrations, the Korean woman kept on insinuating that we were the ones who bumped her and kept pointing on the massive damage on her car. Not initially planning to join the feud, I hurriedly walked my brother to school and went back to defend my dad who cannot for the life of him explain out of being too furious.

I quickly cut to the chase and explained to her furiously what she did and not WHAT WE DID to her car. I didn't care if I was shouting at the top of my lungs just to get the information into her twisted thick skull. I didn't care if people were watching a show of their lives and I didn't care if she cried. I have no patience, no sympathy and definitely no generosity in such liars like her. The hell we care if she is a natural liar, or her kind is, but the fact that there was a material assault on our part, was not something my dad and I could tolerate.

My dad left the screaming, the talking and the visual stress to me as he tried to examine the bump and talk to village officials. The woman was talking on the cellular phone and kept on insisting we look at her filthy scratch and admit that we were at fault. Naturally we didn't back down. I called her a liar a hundred times. I called her stupid just the same; and I could've called her lots of different things.

Just when she was already admitting and sensing my point, her two Korean women friends approached the scene. My dad was minding his own frustration when one of her friends attacked my dad and told him that it was his fault. My dad had reached his limit. No one is going to tell him that he was the one at fault, most especially a person who wasn't there in the accident to begin with, and be spared from his lashing.

Hurtful racial words were said to each other and the cretin Korean woman even uttered the words "DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?" Oh my gosh, we were so freaking scaaaared...knees shaking and all. My dad said "I don't care to know who you are. Do you know who I am?" And naturally the Korean said "NO. You FIlipino? Shit." And my dad retaliated, "I am a Filipino and you are in the Philippines. Who are you?!" And the winning statement the cretin said well, "I'm HER (the woman who bumped us) FRIEND." Honestly, I didn't know if I was going to laugh or smack her face for the thrill of it. Gosh, I didn't know that being pathetic losers are included in their race's attributes.

In short, the ending was not amicable. My dad was already far too stressed by the woman's stupidity, dishonesty and what you would call... a nice group of friends. He was more conversant with the Filipino driver of the Korean women who tried to appease him.

My dad has a point.
We're Filipinos and no other race could impose themselves on us. If the woman would've tried to admit her faults and discussed the accident accordingly, my dad wouldn't have flared up and called their race stupid. I wouldn't have publicly scolded her and made her look stupid. It would have all ended just like a sorry mistake. But the Korean woman lied with full heart and conviction like living in her Korean fantasy. Also her friends have gone hysterical and they equally bashed Filipinos. Sorry to them, but they are in the Philippines and Filipinos will not back down most especially in their own country,

We Filipinos are very accommodating to the point of dealing with other nation's cultural faults and differences gracefully and respectfully. We deal with it as long as we can. But when lying, disrespect and stupidity are exercised at our expense, I think that's where we draw the line. No race has an excuse to do that; and certainly not Koreans.

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Laura said...

this story stressed me out!! I hope she pays for the damage.

It may amuse you to know that here in the Austin area (where there are a lot of students, many Asians) they have a label for these notoriously bad drivers--"DWA" -- Driving While Asian