Sunday, July 5, 2009

Transformers Rise of the Fallen: Conclusion

I watched Transformers twice in one weekend and good thing it was Transformers. Amidst the negative feed backs and criticisms, I can honestly say that I liked the movie, liked enough to watch it twice. The first time I watched it with my brother was on Saturday night when the cinema lobby was packed. I can feel the excitement in my bones and it vibrated together with the crowd's excitement and anticipation. Colleagues who have already watched it had positive reviews and it just fueled the fire. I watched it with full adrenalin. The feeling was good, but it could easily be a downfall for expecting too much.

I was wowed with visuals. Forget about the complexity and authenticity of the plot, but I was entertained. There were jaw dropping moments in the film and the scenes were something I have never seen before. The supporting actors especially John Turoturo and Ramon Rodriguez were phenomenal. The visual of seeing Megan Fox is a lady's pride and a lady's worst nightmare. The robotic transformations were brilliantly crafted to the point of feeling the intense effort of the production geniuses behind the scenes. The visuals and the endless chase throughout the movie made the hours slip and material sweet as candy. It's a perfect movie for people with attention span deficit.

Althought I had questions on my first Transformers experience, my excitement automatically shoved it at the back of my head. I had no time nor intention to reflect. But on the second time I watched it with Mitch on the following night, I had more room to entertain points that I might have missed thinking about on the first night.

Well, for one I didn't think Transformers could age. And what's with the small all-spark bringing electronics back to life? Couldn't they have just used that with Optimus Prime instead of looking for the matrix of leadership? And for the matrix of leadership, couldn't it just be used to recharge other Primes instead so that we could finally savor a more kick-ass fighting scene at the end? Bumblebee's antics on Isabel Lucas' character was hilarious, but isn't that too obvious to note that Bumblebee should've destroyed the evil robot there and then? They are robots, highly intelligent and receptive objects, they could have easily identified other camouflaged robots. Also I must admit I was expecting for a more intense robotic battle at the end of the movie with having Optimus fight the Fallen, Starscream and Megatron, practically outnumbered. But Optimus became too good for them. Even Devastator, the mamoth Constructicon just ended up to be a big lump of target that was easily killed during his pyramid-climb scene, which I find hilarious. And I must admit I was taken aback by the Transformers Heaven. Do they have robotic souls where they go to experience their own version of heaven just to cross over human's spiritual heaven and attempt at semi-divine intervention? These elements do not jive and it was it became an easy escape to explain things.

With all the loopholes and quirky take on things, Transformers is still one of those movies that you could shut a part of your brain and let yourself be taken for a ride. No matter what the critics are saying, this is the movie that should never be too deeply analyzed or it would loose its purpose. It's a movie that you could always forgive if some parts don't make sense. It's a movie in which adults can relive their childhood moments and not feel guilty about it. This isn't a movie that could purge your soul, but a feast for the senses.

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