Saturday, July 4, 2009

I'm not in any mood to write. In fact, I'm not in a mood to do anything. Let's just say I'm bruised with a couple of unfortunate things that are happening in my life, things that greatly piss me off to the bone. It's not something fatal. No one would even consider it serious. I'm just submerged in a modern day drama that I seriously I want to get away from...before it kills me.

So, after almost ruining my day with Mitch by bawling my eyes out and proclaiming my constant whining, he even found the creativity to bring me to one of my favorite restaurants in Makati to cheer me up. We went to Suzu Kin in Sampaloc Street. He is such a sweet and creative guy at my weakest moments. Although the last memory that Mitch and I had there weren't good thanks to those goons who held us up, the food and diversion overwhelmed the bad memories.

Going home, the heat didn't help at all. It hurt my strained eyes and forced me to sleep. In quick retrospect this whole day reflected my 25 years of life, which is like a marathon without seeing any end. Goals seem to be fake and non-existent. To me it's like living a bad dream. The more I think about it and the more I do something about it the more I get drained. My c0nscience says to step back and try to appreciate life from a distance. I'm doing that now by not doing anything. I enjoy simpler things. A good bath, an iced cold pineapple juice and watching a show that features celebrity's biggest blunders. Funny, but at this point I'm at peace.

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