Friday, July 31, 2009

Medical Condition: Friday

I did it. One day work for me this week.

I've been sick since Tuesday and I think I experienced the worst last night. Apparently based on my own research I'm suffering from Swimmer's Itch. The exact symptoms, description of itchiness and the cause are the same with mine. Because against my better judgment I swam, frolicked and wadded in the shallow waters of a visually clear and pristine beach (Or so I thought) and two days after I was itching non stop and disgusting red blisters are popping every now and then. It seems my immune system couldn't take the infection of contaminated waters despite the cleansing and immediate remedy I performed after that stupid decision. A walking allergy target like me should have known better.

The itchiness was an inconvenience as it was disgusting, it might have triggered my severe colds, fever and slight flu. Starting Wednesday, when I was at work, I began to perform combo sneezes and seriously thought that my head would pop. I stayed at home yesterday (thursday) since my condition was getting worse as the real battle began.

*Just one part of the blisters/rashes (one knee)

Starting yesterday afternoon the bones near my shoulders began to ache. My sneezes reached up to 5 sneezes per combo as if I'm on a cardio work out. My eyes are watering like crazy. My allergies attacked me in full blast. I hallucinated while watching Pokemon. My sleep was disturbed by the intense burning sensation of itchiness. It was, I believe, a taste of my personal hell. I kept consulting with my bestfriend and she just told me comforting words of "just observe," with a couple of medications she thinks would be effective. The morning after, I felt more sane without thinking of grabbing medication upon medication. I know I'm still weak, but I'm still alive and blogging aren't I?

Despite being weak and feeling handicapped for a couple of days I still felt the need to go out, search for some comforting food, go to a comforting familiar place that could boost my spirit. I want to watch a movie, hang out in my favorite coffee shop, write and do things that I want that would make me feel productive. A lot of people are against it of course. My parents wouldn't hear of it. Harvey barks for constant attention and being his charming self to entice me to stay. Mitch even had the creativity to bribe me with something that I really want in return of not going out and surprise him for dinner. Half of my brain told me to listen and to not make yet another stupid decision, but half of my brain knows that I'm not helping myself if I continue to get locked up. Fresh air and a comforting scene are simple things that I need right now, so I decided to grab an extension cord, relocate at one part of the house, which we rarely visit and enjoy the rest of my stay there in this gloomy morning. I get to see a different view, be outdoors, get some fresh air without breaching the agreement of not going out. Mentally I feel a lot better, maybe hopefully this is a start.

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