Thursday, July 9, 2009

Weekly Recap: Nothing special

Work has consumed me for the past few days and let's just say I snatched a couple of hours from the office to do what needed to be done. At least today I was able to leave work at 4 pm and directly visited Mitch at his home while bringing him comfort food. The poor boy's sick with fever and colds for the past three days and it was shameful of me for not diligently attending to his needs. Despite the fact that his recovery is insight and I know that he's in good hands, I realized that I missed him and it was important for the sick not to bribe them with food, but bribe them with company and care. :)

Second, I was able to go through the net and watch videos in youtube that I missed. For one, I missed the Michael Jackson service. I missed Mariah Carey's backlash performance and Paris Katherine's, MJ's daughter, most valuable speech. I must admit that watching it made my eyes watery. It is a certified tearjerker. Just like what meaningful reports say, that it made Michael Jackson human. It quickly disregarded the fact that he is famous and a most brilliant artist who equally suffered public scrutiny all his life. From his daughter's speech it narrowed down to the goodness of his heart as a father that we can all possibly relate to.

Third I realized that my stress level is going high. I must have been absorbing Mitch's quota for this week because little things quickly annoy me and the effects aren't good. Aside from the psychological effects stress brings, I tend to find desserts or sugary food everytime I encounter a stressful occasion. When I do stop, my mind goes crazy. It must be a bad thing. Eating that succulent CHocolate Marshmallow Cake in Starbucks (which is a hit), and those Polvorons at the House of Polvoron, and that full supply of glazed doughnut from Krispy Kreme as a token of my boss appreciation, can ease the nerves but gnaws the spirit. I have to strike that balance.

This week is not yet over, but I know that it's ending soon.

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