Thursday, July 30, 2009

Mind over Matter: One of those days sickness

How can I say this gently? I'm sick. I have intense colds that my nose hurt from constant wiping, my heart and my lungs heave after 4 consecutive sneezes, my eyes water, my head feels inflated like it's about to pop, my skin has red rashes and allergic reactions plus the sordid fact that I can't taste whatever I'm eating. I hate this feeling. My body feels like a sinking ship about to explode. I end up feeling cranky and handicapped, two things that make men miserable.

I just got back from a vacation and this isn't supposed to happen. The only sickness allowed every after vacation is psychological. Vacations are meant to energize and recharge you from the grueling city life, but for me, it ended up doing the opposite. Last Tuesday I was about to go to work as expected, but my allergies attacked me in full blast. My legs were itching hard and red spots erupted all over. It was a massive inconvenience as it was disgusting.

At that time I was starting to feel light headed, but it was overwhelmed by the skin malfunction. After putting expensive creams, ointments and steroids, my skin felt a little better. I decided to go to work on Wednesday instead.

I know for some reason I missed work. I missed seeing my workstation and I knew I should miss it soon because I needed to clean up emails and attend to various deliverable fast. God knows the amount of issues I have to resolve and study. Also in this line of work, it isn't really advisable to be missing for days. It's a social and operational suicide.

But come Wednesday, my first work day of the week, it was a pain in the nasal. I was sneezing like hell and my condition took for a worse turn. My eyes have become watery, my cold intensified and my strength instantly vanished replaced by strong headaches and signs of fever. Some of my office mates were wary to go near me since flu-like symptoms are very common at this season. They even advised me to go home, but I had conference calls that I have to attend and various reports to submit. I decided to stay at the office for 14 hours to weigh things, but it still got worse. Mitch picked me up from work, the first time I would see him after my vacation. I knew I missed him terribly and had been so excited to see him, but I wasn't able to maximize his company. I couldn't converse properly and I just wanted to go home leaving him eager to take me home as well.

Last night, I did my medications on both my allergies and sickness and began to sleep early only to be awaken by sneezing and constant dehydration from time to time. So now here I am at home wearing my pajamas trying to be productive and sane while my body is battling various sickness. I honestly feel I'm falling apart, but there is one more strength I could hold on to. One more strategy I could use. The mind over matter strategy. I hope if all else fails, this would work.

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