Sunday, July 5, 2009

Lady Gaga and a Gaga fan

After waking up the morning after I celebrated a friend's birthday, I could still taste the rhum and chips in my mouth. Consuming it might have been too much because I could still remember how I proclaimed in the entire party scene how much I love Lady Gaga. To the males gathered, I was much more of a project of entertainment because when I get tipsy with alcohol I don't react normally (whoever does), but I get warped. I travel into a mental phase that anchors me to silence and retrospect. I feel the need to do monologues and explain things that people don't want to hear. But I feel calmer doing that. It releases me of an excess mental baggage, and I know people could notice it, but at that point, I couldn't care less. Normally, I'd just sulk in the corner, rambling about life and forcing Mitch to listen to me until I became a fan of Lady Gaga.

The tipsiness suddenly gave birth to another reaction upon hearing Lady Gaga's songs. I quickly hummed and slightly danced. I guess people were shocked to find me a fan of hers. A lady with strong visual image of wigged hair, funky dress and party looking fatale would have never attracted someone like me who is comfortable enjoying different kinds of music without drama and obsession. I'm not boxed to one genre, nor I seldom get hooked by a single artist. I have preferences, but I am not fanatic with any one of them. If I may be a fan, I do not overly proclaim it. But for some reason it's different with Lady Gaga. I instantly fell in love with her music. Her music and artistry caught me big time. The songs behind the beat are intelligent and she is a true artist beyond the marketing and intriguing images. She unleashed whatever 'party girl' in me I thought I never had.

So, I am so very excited to see her in concert here in the Philippines on August 11. Mark that date because I would definitely watch. I'm also in a quirky mood to buy a funky pair of sun glasses and white sleek wig just to extend my support. I know where to get those and if I'm lucky, I might find an origami inspired dress that could fit me. Now that's ga-ga.

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